Prime Time for a Third Independent Candidate

The closer we get to the 2024 elections, the more it looks like a replay of the 2020 fiasco. President Biden has no challenger, and from the looks of how aggressive Donald Trump has been, he may have locked in the nomination even though many organizations, like the Christian Evangelicals, are abandoning him in droves. Under such a scenario, and with both candidates having garnered such unpopularity among the voters, it is prime time for a third independent candidate to enter the race. Who might that candidate/s be remains an elusive goal.

High-profile Democratic leaders might be reluctant to desert the DNC for a long shot, and the same applies to any Republican with ambitions to run in the future. That Independent candidate must have the staying power of name recognition, yet be maverick enough to run against the power of the DNC.

Without a doubt, voter disapproval of both Biden and Trump creates a unique opportunity for someone to win the election and steal it from under their feet.

The American people are just fed up with corrupt and unfit politicians always stealing the limelight.


Of all the Democrats who challenged Joe Biden in 2020, we believe only two horses might foray into the swamp if they are able to raise enough funds directly from the dissatisfied voters. They are Kirsten Gillibrand and Beto O’Rourke. If both feel they have no future winning the Democratic nomination going forward, then either one might break from the field. Either one might turn into an Independent candidate to run. We believe it is a chance neither of the two want to miss, or at least ignore.

Gillibrand would steal women’s votes and O’Rourke would steal the southern votes. Both would have negatively impact the candidacy of Trump and Biden; especially if both run on the same ticket. Each candidate, in fact, brings something to the table, which might create the perfect conditions to win coming from behind. It comes down to will and the ability to reach the general public to raise money.

Gillibrand as President and O’Rourke as her VP — or vice-versa — would be irresistible to millions of Americans.

Whether this might happen is another story. But one thing for sure, tens of millions of Americans want to see Biden and Trump retire from politics. One is an immoral crook whose fraudulence is fast becoming legendary, and the other is long past retirement age.

Fresh and young blood disconnected from the establishment might just be the ticket to win in 2024. Why? Because the American people are just fed up with corrupt and unfit politicians always stealing the limelight.

Prime Time for a Third Independent Candidate

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