Putin Can No Longer Fly to Miami On Jet Blue

We all have read the news that our President has sanctioned Vladimir Putin, the thug attacking democratic Ukraine today. What does it mean? Simply put, it means that Putin can no longer fly to Miami Beach on Jet Blue. We spoiled his vacations by placing him under our tough and irreversibly damaging sanctions. Hurray to our Commander-in-Chief. Instead of arming the Ukrainians over the last year based on the assessments of our intelligence predictions, Biden waited for him to invade the country, then told him “No more Miami beach vacations, buddy”.

Putin can now taste the genius of our sanctions. Now, he knows how tough we are.


It’s not just Biden’s fault, but since it happened under his watch, history will blame him for his feckless foreign policy.


President Joe Biden had all the time in the world to prepare the Ukrainians for the invasion by making sure they were well armed to defend themselves. Well-armed means not just the Javelin anti-tank missiles or the Stinger short-range anti-aircraft missiles, but heavy weaponry to inflict the maximum damage on an advancing army; in addition to an air defense system to protect civilians and the capital Kiev.

Instead, Biden relied on useless sanctions he knew will not deter the thug in Moscow. Any wonder why 15% of Democrats believe his first year in office was a failure. If we ask Democrats about Biden’s foreign policy, I would imagine the numbers would be much worse.

And to insult our intelligence, the President chose this moment of watching an attack on democracy abroad to change the subject by selecting Ketanji Brown Jackson as his nominee for the Supreme Court. Ketanji is definitely the right choice, but his timing tells us he really never cared about defending Ukraine. He is insistent that we talk about anything else but Ukraine.

I think the Ukraine fell to Putin because the United States made many mistakes over the last 15 years involving three U.S. Presidents; to start with President Barack Obama. It’s not just Biden’s fault, but since it happened under his watch, history will blame him for his feckless foreign policy.

In effect, Biden has already washed his hands off the Ukraine. Today, he is trying hard to move on from this failure.

Wendy Sherman’s history of negotiating peace is worse than dismal.


When the issue of admitting Ukraine into the NATO Alliance became a diplomatic concern due to Putin’s threats, the Department of State dispatched the Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman to help negotiate a peaceful resolution. You’ve heard the saying that “You don’t bring a knife to a pistol fight”. Well, sending Sherman to negotiate with the Russians was like “Giving a 10-year old a knife to confront gang members armed with machine guns”.

Sherman’s history of negotiating peace is worse than dismal. Because of her negotiating skills on the Iran Deal, the Mullahs in Iran today occupy four Arab capitals, and Israel faces the threats of their missiles. Sending her as the U.S. negotiator told Putin the United States is not really serious about his complaints. This tells me that Biden never really cared about Ukraine, the same way his old boss never cared about ever stopping Putin from being held responsible for his war crimes.

Putin never attacked a country that had an air defense system in place.


We should have stopped Putin during the second Chechnya war in 1999. At the time, the thug in Moscow committed war crimes against civilians. Or maybe we should have acted even more forcefully during his invasion of Georgia in 2008, which resembles his invasion of Ukraine today. But we did not. Instead, we let him roll over Syria without much more than hollow diplomatic posturing.

Today, Putin is invading Europe. Hindsight, we failed again to stop him by admitting Ukraine into the NATO Alliance the moment Ukraine became a democratic sovereign nation upon electing Volodymyr Zelenskyy as its president in 2019.

Instead, we believed that diplomacy might fold Ukraine into the Alliance even though we knew well Putin was a war criminal ready to start a new war. Did he not have three previous wars under his belt already?

There is one common theme between all these wars. Putin never attacked a country that had a potent air defense system in place. Yet, we failed to provide Ukraine with the real deterrent against another Putin’s invasion.

Putin Can No Longer Fly to Miami On Jet Blue

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