Race Represents GOP Foreign Policy Imperative

Race Represents GOP Foreign Policy Imperative
Race Represents GOP Foreign Policy Imperative

Republicans are ditching the old foreign policy adage that Russia remains an enemy of the United States, which must be contained at all costs. In its place, we are seeing the rise of a new dominant factor, centered around the white race. If Russians are white, like us, why are we fighting them when we should really fight the Asians in China? In this new Republican world, race represents the GOP new foreign policy imperative. Their leaders no longer take into account history, or the true intentions of a country. If white folks rule the country, then they are our friends, regardless of their intentions.

That is the new message from the top two GOP candidates for President, both of whom believe the Ukraine-Russian war is not ours to fight. In the past, one candidate has showered the mass murder Vladimir Putin with praise during his tenure as a former President for only one good reason. He is white.


In an article, Ronald Brownstein wrote for CNN, the analyst, in describing the shift from the Eisenhower stand on internationalism to Donald Trump’s position in dictating a new more unilateralist and isolationist America, he wrote:

The 1952 GOP presidential nomination fight proved a turning point in the party’s history, when Dwight Eisenhower, a champion of internationalism and alliance with Europe to contain the Soviet Union, defeated Sen. Robert Taft, a skeptic of international alliances who wanted to shift America’s focus from defending Europe toward confronting communist China. CNN by Ronald Brownstein - March 28, 2023

Brownstein brilliantly describes the full history behind the Eisenhower adaptation of post WWII foreign policy dictated by the evil we saw before and after the defeat of Nazism, and which manifested itself in communism enlarging its footprint at the expense of American interests overseas.

Now that communism no longer threatens the Americas as it did 50-years ago, the GOP is justifying its rapprochement and courting of Russia on what we believe to be based on race. Something you will not find anyone in the GOP to declare openly, not even the unhinged Marjorie Taylor Greene, who once started a PAC for White-Anglo Saxon Protestants before her colleagues shut her down faster than you can say “hello”.


There is only one reason Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, which is based on his declared intentions to regain the hegemony the old Soviet Union had over Europe. For Putin to claim that NATO’s real intentions are to invade Russia is as blatantly hallucinatory as claiming Russia can invade the United States. No one country on this planet can invade Russia, a vast and mostly uninhabitable land that stretch 11 time zones.

Meanwhile, even if Putin remains a threat to Europe, the two top GOP candidates are skeptical about, they are more in-tune with the notion that a white country should not fight another white country and that the Ukraine-Russian war is a land dispute between two people that the GOP believes it could be resolved peacefully.

For the Republicans to enter the foray against one of their own in Russia is tantamount to treachery against the white race on planet earth. How else do you explain this new reversal of priorities in today’s GOP vision on foreign policy? How does isolationism serve the interests of our military complex? One that the GOP has always supported.

Binding the GOP relentlessly to a new vision based on race is an extension of Trumpism on the domestic front. Instead of crying “the Russians are coming”, the GOP is subliminally telling us “The non-white people are coming“.

Let us not fight each other. Let us concentrate on the Asians coming from China is the new foreign policy imperative of the GOP because the all-white Russians are our friends.

Race Represents GOP Foreign Policy Imperative

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