Racists Registry Like Sex Offenders Registry

Racists Registry Like Sex Offenders Registry
Racists Registry Like Sex Offenders Registry

Racism persists in the United States and Britain. Of late, a Premier League soccer player, Ivan Toney, had to endure racist remarks on his Instagram account just because he scored an equalizer goal against the top team Arsenal. It is time governments create a racists registry like sex offenders registry to warn people that indicted racists live in their neighborhood. This, ladies and gentlemen, will go a long way to start holding racists accountable by shaming them publicly like we shame sex offenders.

No campaigns and no amount of public education programs are going to have any impacts on racism. In the British Premier League, every game starts with all players kneeling to refute racism. Yet, their fans cannot wait to spew hate when necessary.

The best way to stop racism is to shame publicly all racists by putting them on lists their neighbors have access to in order to protect themselves against their vile. Other methods have not and will not work. Racism starts at home and is a cyclical phenomena fathers burden their future children with because of ignorance and lack of education.

Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis have already earned the right to be on the racists registry.

It is time to register racists indicted with hate crimes like we register sex offenders


According to Wikipedia, the sex offenders registry began in 1947 in California. Its purpose is to protect minors from the predatory practices of some 829,500 sex offenders the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMECA) has kept track of with 2016 as the cut-off year.

Consider the impact a racist registry could have on the persistence of systemic racism in this country. We know that unlike the protection of children most Americans would back, such racism prevention measure is almost an impossible task. No Republican Representative or Senator would vote for such an endeavor knowing well their own voters would revolt against them. The very racist voters such a Bill aims to enroll into a registry.

We know this idea is DOA. We know that it would have zero chance of becoming a federal law, but if liberal states like California can initiate such a drive to hold racists accountable, it would at least start a meaningful conversation nationwide. It would certainly encourage other States to follow suit.

Unless we try and break this cycle of evil systemic racism, the country will never be at peace with itself. Especially that Donald Trump has awakened that beast with his overtly racist views, which rolled us back at least 30 years.

Time to take racism seriously, It is time to register racists indicted with hate crimes like we register sex offenders. Against blacks, Asians, Jews, Muslims, and anyone who looks different than the white trash still disgracefully decorating the American culture.

Racists Registry Like Sex Offenders Registry

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