Screaming Bloody Israeli Settlers

Screaming Bloody Israeli Settlers
Screaming Bloody Israeli Settlers

From day one of the horrific Hamas attack on Israel, Punditry has been screaming bloody Israeli settlers because of their role in initiating the attack. Their murder with impunity, overall mistreatment of Palestinians, and provocation in the West Bank has provided Hamas the moral justification for the October 7 attack. And yet, these settlers, who could have started World War III, remain unaccountable for their actions. There is no effort, in Israel, in the United States, or around the world to highlight their terror tactics and actions to bring them to account.

Besides some lip service here and there from some leaders, these fanatic Jewish terrorists remain on the loose killing Palestinians without anyone holding them accountable for their terror. Imagine the United States forgetting and forgiving the terror of Osama bin Laden to experience the Palestinian fate in the West Bank.

The latest figures show that the extremist Israeli settlers have murdered in cold blood, with IDF help, over 450 Palestinians since the beginning of 2023. Over 200 since October 7 alone. In addition to destroying Palestinian properties and their livelihood by destroying 3,000 olive trees so far. Their aim is to chase Palestinians out of the West Bank so they can occupy the whole territory.

It was God who gave them [Israeli settlers] these lands, just as God gave al-Qaeda the right to attack the infidels across oceans.


Like ISIS or the Taliban, Jewish settlers hide behind their Torah to justify their terror. It was God who gave them these lands, just as God gave al-Qaeda the right to attack the infidels across oceans.

Every day extremist Israeli settlers break international law, and every day the United States, who champions the very same laws, turns a blind eye to their terrorist excess. We bloody scream international laws when it is convenient to us, and ignore them when it hits us home. This hypocrisy turns people off when it comes to the entire aspirational message of the United States. No wonder China is making in-roads into the minds and hearts of people across the globe.

Either we are for international laws, or we are not. Playing that game of convenience is harming US national security interests, if you have not figured that one out, Mr. President.

There has to be an effort to block the expansion of settlements in the West Bank and to start holding these extremist, murderous Jewish settlers liable for their crimes. Unless the whole foreign policy of the United States is to actually kick the Palestinians out of their homes to settle these Jewish fanatics who also believe God has given them lands inside the country of Jordan.

Maybe the U.S. was successful this time around, with a show of force, to tame the tempers of Israel’s neighbors. But do not count on another success story should these settlers’ actions lead to another war.

Next time around, it would be the entire world against Israel and the United States. Period.

Screaming Bloody Israeli Settlers

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