Senator Rand Paul is an Ignorant Fool Masquerading as a Doctor

Senator Rand Paul is an ignorant idiot masquerading as a doctor.

Masks prevent the spread of virus as people breath in and out. It’s not rocket science. The thicker the mask, the less chance the virus spreads. So why a Senator doctor goes maskless on the Senate floor? Because Senator Rand Paul is an ignorant fool masquerading as a doctor. The Medical Board should strip him of his license for putting his colleagues at risk of contracting COVID-19. His immunity does not mean he cannot contract COVID and pass it to other people, it only means he won’t be impacted by the virus as his vaccinated immune system now protects him. Paul should know better.

I would like to say something about the State of Kentucky even at the expense of offending someone. Two Senators, McConnell and Paul, come from that wonderful state. One blocked 395 bills in the last four years, which brought the Senate to a halt. As if it did not exist but to please one man. The second is .. Well you know from the title of this Blog.

What in hell the people of Kentucky were thinking when electing the two? Don’t you see where your interests lie? Or are you so gullible to believe every word those two men tell you on the campaign trail and in TV ads?

Watch the video below Rand Paul putting himself in the position of getting a public spanking by a colleague on the Senate floor.

In my opinion, he asked for it. The ignorant fool.

So, don’t be a jackass. Don’t act like Senator Rand Paul.


If you are under the impression that wearing a mask is intended to save your life, and since you are such a macho, you don’t wear one, then you should start reading the same materials your 10-year old knows better than you do. Wearing a mask saves other peoples’ lives, not just yours.

Now you might think youth and bravado is your antidote. Maybe so, but it’s not a fail safe system you won’t pass it around. And if you are one of those people who thinks the death rate is so low as compared to people who contracted COVID, tell that to the families of the 450,000 Americans who have died so far.

If you know Rand Paul, you know he will do it again. He will waltz into The Capitol without a mask over and over. It’s his way of saying I support Donald Trump without saying a word about it. Mark my word, he is a serial repeater.

So, don’t be a jackass. Don’t act like Senator Rand Paul. Wear your mask, and if you are from Kentucky, consider selecting a better Senator to represent your interests next time. Rand Paul votes for big business, not for you. This is why you are angry in the first place about where our country is heading.

This is why Rand Paul should submit to a full investigation of his ties to Russia.


In 2014, Alana Goodman wrote for the Washington Free Beacon:

Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) has named as one of his key foreign policy advisers a controversial Russia policy expert with deep ties to the Kremlin. … For years, Simes and the center have provided a sympathetic platform for the Russian government in the heart of the D.C. policy establishment. Its ties to Moscow extend throughout the organization.Washington Free Beacon - Alana Goodman (08/20/2014)

In 2018, Rand Paul announced he is traveling to Russia “to pursue a constructive dialogue with Moscow”. The optics of the announcement, while on the surface seems to challenge the Mueller investigation, is really intended to challenge any rapprochement the Senator may be striking with our enemies. In other words, do the obvious to deflect from its poison.

The ignorant fool never fails to impress us with his lack of good judgment.

This is why Rand Paul should submit to a full investigation of his ties to Russia. The man, an avid supporter of Trumpism, is a danger to our country, not only on essential matters of consequence like not wearing a mask, but also on his antagonistic foreign policy choices.

Senator Rand Paul is an Ignorant Fool Masquerading as a Doctor

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  1. Senator is a ignorant fool masquerading as a Doctor but also he’s a Trumpican! That’s all that has to be said.

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