Shock Troops Concept is a Bag Full of “Jeffrey Clarks”

Shock Troops Concept is a Bag Full of Jeffrey Clarks
White Supremacist, Mentally Unstable Steve Bannon

When Steve Bannon, the ultra, ultra right Trump defender and universal jerk par excellence announced a list of 20,000 traitors he called “shock troops” to ultimately “deconstruct” our democracy next time Fuhrer Trump or someone like him comes to power, Washington did not blink. In fact, not even President Biden or Attorney-General Merrick Garland seemed remotely interested in what Bannon is trying to do as he paves the way for another coup against the U.S Government. The shock troops concept is a bag full of “Jeffery Clarks” that Trump, or another white supremacist, will position in sensitive government jobs for his next coup to succeed.

You may want to read the last paragraph again for it to sink in.

Steve Bannon is preparing for another coup against the U.S. Government, and what is the Department of Justice doing about it? Nada. Absolutely nothing. At least publicly to appease the concerns of millions of Americans.

Steve Bannon is telling us what he plans, yet where is the accountability?

If anyone tells the world they are going to kidnap someone, the FBI would be at their doors in matter of hours. But if that same someone tells the world they are going to kidnap the U.S. Government, and it’s someone who has previously participated in the act, then all is good. No FBI and no accountability.

Justice in America is designed to hold accountable the weak and the disconnected. The powerful have a free pass.


The Senate Judiciary Committee released a 400-page report on Thursday demonstrating the extent of Trump’s efforts at pressuring the Department of Justice to call the 2020 elections corrupt.

Conclusively, in a meeting on January 3, Trump pressured top DOJ officials present, to include the traitor Jeffery Clark, to reverse the results of the elections. The top official we know in Jeffrey Rosen, the interim Attorney-General, protested vigorously.

Zeeshan Aleem of MSNBC writes:

Remarkably, they were joined by Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone, who said he and top deputy Patrick Philbin would also resign in protest. Cipollone labeled Trump’s plan a “murder-suicide pact,” according to the report. <span class="su-quote-cite"><a href="" target="_blank">MSNBC by Zeeshan Aleem - October 7, 2021</a></span>
Steve Bannon’s “Shock Troops” is one of the few steps in a long march to destroy our democracy for good.


Now, imagine if another white supremacist like Trump comes to power. But instead of navigating blindly the treacherous loyalties of top officials when they lose an election, that person, from day one, starts using the “Shock Troops” of Steve Bannon to fill all the sensitive positions in the government.

There would no January 3 meeting or Senate Judiciary report to highlight the illegal actions of a President. America would simply fall under the darkness of a fascist government, which would eventually suspend the Constitution to kill our democracy.

Just as Hitler did in Germany prior to WWII.

Like Hitler, the first victims would be the rich Jews in America. And if you think those white supremacists are not eying their wealth and assets to take control of, then you don’t know your history. Just interview families of the Holocaust survivors. Or better yet, take a trip to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and ask one of their experts.

Steve Bannon’s “Shock Troops” is one of the few steps in a long march to destroy our democracy for good.

Meanwhile, AG Merrick Garland is napping.

Shock Troops Concept is a Bag Full of “Jeffrey Clarks”

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