Should Russia Not Invade and Starve Ukraine?

Should Russia Not Invade and Starve Ukraine
Should Russia Not Invade and Starve Ukraine?

Russia is still reeling from the terror attack of March 22, which took place against a crowded concert hall in Moscow. Shortly after the attack, and conveniently, ISIS takes credit. Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine to be behind it, which brings up the following question. Under the logic of Israel’s terror for the October 7 attack, should Russia not invade and starve Ukraine, just as Israel did to Gaza?

Maybe this is the reason ISIS took credit for the attack. Ukraine, with probably help from the U.S. has used a proxy to defend against a Russian counter response.

And if Russia responds to Ukraine attack with its own large-scale attack, just watch the hypocrisy of Antony Blinken speak of human rights and international law. It is as predictable as the sunrise.

ISIS is just the cover.


In defiance of the West’s policy on Gaza, Putin held a large gathering in Moscow on February 26 for all the Palestinian factions, groups, political parties, which also included Hamas. It is highly plausible that Israel convinced the United States that such empowerment is anti-western, which threatens Israel. Both gathered enough intelligence on that conference to strike a sensitive chord.

Both the United States and Israel had one month to respond, and respond they did. ISIS is just the cover. Putin, himself, indirectly accused Ukraine because he can respond against the West in Ukraine, but anywhere else, and it’s a problem. Especially, not Israel. However, that may change in the future.

Russia is incapable of doing to Ukraine what Israel did to Gaza because of NATO protection and weaponizations. Nonetheless, Putin is going to respond by attacking the leadership in Ukraine, which he already promised publicly. The terrorists claim they were contacted on the social platform Telegram, and if their communications were as sophisticated as we expect it to be, then Russia would know the west was behind the attack. Not some ISIS low-technology savvy terrorists out of Afghanistan.

Still, the question remains valid. Under the Israeli logic, Russia has all the rights to invade and starve all of Ukraine, as well as kill few hundreds thousands of its civilian population.

Don’t you find it funny how ISIS always attacks Israel’s enemies only? Never Israel. Not once.


Few days after the October 7 attack, an Israeli MP appeared on the Russian RT TV to threaten Russia with Israeli terror, saying “Russia will pay a very dear price.”

Well, almost six months latter, Russia did pay that price.

Here is another video of a captured ISIS terrorist admitting he was an Israeli Mossad agent.

Can you add 1+1?

Don’t you find it funny how ISIS always attacks Israel’s enemies only? Never Israel. Not once.

Putin may have accused Ukraine to be able to respond, but the real culprit is Israel. They are now exporting their terror across Europe, and against any country that is ant-Zionist.

Watch out South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Malta, and Slovenia. Israel may be preparing to attack you as well using ISIS, their proxy.

Should Russia Not Invade and Starve Ukraine?

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