STIMO in the Hands of the Bloodsucking US Health Companies

STIMO in the Hands of the Bloodsucking US Health Companies

If you have not read it yet, Dr. Jocelyne Bloch of the Lausanne University Hospital in Switzerland and Grégoire Courtine of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology invented a method, they named STIMO, by which some patients suffering from paralysis because of spinal cord injuries may be able to walk again. For one, I am happy it was invented in Switzerland, not the United States. Why? Because STIMO in the hands of the bloodsucking US health companies in this country would literally bankrupt thousands of families if they set the costs of using STIMO on any patient. We hope that both Bloch and Courtine would make the method available for free; just as the great Jonas Salk gave humanity the Polio vaccine for free.

As an American, I am ashamed to write this about our health system. Calling it “bloodsucking”. But the reality is that this period of lawless capitalism and unhinged greed we are going through in this modern age is immensely harming America’s middle classes. If the Lausanne University Hospital and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology franchise their invention to American companies, they will destroy lives, not save them.

STIMO should be made available for free to all those who qualify to use it. In order to walk again without enduring the cruelty and greed of our health system.


Let STIMO become a gift from the country of Switzerland to humanity across the world. Let this little gem of a country show that its capitalist society is not as cruel as America’s. Furthermore, let the spirit of Jonas Salk revive our humanity in the 21st century by making STIMO available for those who need it. We cannot let the bloodsucking health companies in America put their hands on this invention. Or any other for that matter that did not originate out of their laboratories.

Big health giant corporations always claim that their expenditures with regard to R&D dictate their prices. Guess what! If they obtain the rights to STIMO in the United States, they will try and find an alternative excuse for their exorbitant pricing schemes. In my opinion, big pharma will claim marketing costs or some other useless excuse. As if they need to convince those with spinal cord injuries to accept STIMO.

Just like France gifted us the Statue of Liberty, Switzerland and the two inventors can gift the world liberties to millions of people around the world. Just don’t let big pharma get its hands on the exclusive rights to sell the STIMO method in the United States.

STIMO in the Hands of the Bloodsucking US Health Companies

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