The Anglo-Saxon Room with a View

The Anglo-Saxon Room with a View

Not everyday one comes across the truth. The real, unabridged truth. that is bare, raw, and in its ugliest of forms. But if you are a fan of the movies, one scene, in the movie The Good Shepherd, lays if for you unapologetically. Maybe the producers should have called it The Anglo-Saxon room with a view for its truthfulness.


The movie scene would have never made it if the Carlson character did not utter these words. It is too inflammatory and too sordid even by Hollywood’s standards.

Carlson, played by Matt Damon, was in real life James Angleton. He was Chief of Counterintelligence at the CIA between 1954 and 1975. Wikipedia writes:

According to Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms: “In his day, Jim was recognized as the dominant counterintelligence figure in the non-communist world.”[2] Investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein agrees with the high regard in which Angleton was held by his colleagues in the intelligence business, and adds that Angleton earned the “trust … of six CIA directors—including Gen. Walter Bedell Smith, Allen W. Dulles and Richard Helms. They kept Angleton in key positions and valued his work.

Angleton and others like him believe this is not our country if we did not land on its soil around The Mayflower time frame. Of course, this prevailing view, while it dates back to the politics of the fifties, is not as rare as many believe.

In fact, President Donald Trump exudes this racist mentality and almost all his policies, from building a wall to blocking immigrants to come to this country, are just an extension of the beliefs Angleton held. This is the real reason for Trump’s popularity among the die-hard 30% of the American voters.

Unfortunately, racism in the United States is built in its DNA structure. But the future holds a much brighter outlook if one considers the diverse crowds that flooded the American streets after the killing of George Floyd.


Prior to Donald Trump, racism in America existed timidly. Trump turned it into a bold beast. He instigated racism to foment divisions between the Anglo-Saxon population, and the immigrant one, be they Catholics, Jews, or Muslims. As birth rates crashed in the Anglo-Saxon communities, the Catholics, the Muslims, and the Jews kept up normal birth rates.

The solution, according to the commander-in-chief, is to block immigration and to turn a blind eye to police brutality as well as COVID-19. Disproportionately speaking, more blacks died from COVID-19 than their representative percentage of the population.

One of the main causes of all the efforts we see by ultra-conservative voices in Congress to steal the elections can be traced back to population growth, minorities empowerment, and the dilution of their voices through voter suppression and gerrymandering. These efforts are starting to fail as minorities use the power of their votes to dislodge the people behind these unconstitutional activities.

This might, eventually, lead the United States to model itself after the Chinese Government. One race-rule instead of a one-party rule. A system of an American Apartheid if we let people like Trump destroy our democracy.


On the bright side, President-elect Joe Biden won. While, under normal circumstances, the difference between a Republican Administration and a Democratic one is minuscule, the difference between Trumpism and Bidenism is immense. The pendulum is swinging back towards more centrist policies after having hovered dangerously around a far-right, almost Nazi-like, position.

Right now, we can all rest Trump was unable to initiate his own Kristallnacht moment although his Bible photo-op came close. Really close.

The Anglo-Saxon Room with a View

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