The Confederacy Created Donald Trump

The Confederacy Created Donald Trump

Just as the confederacy refused defeat after the end of the civil war, its great grand, grand children still refuse the rule of the north in 2020 when the majority of Americans voted for the pro-establishment Joe Biden as President. To the confederates in the south, the civil war was never over. So when Donald Trump appeared on the scene in 2015 claiming his anti establishment credentials, the confederacy created Trumpism to express its disillusionment with the north. One finds the proof to this theory in the boos Donald Trump earned  when he claimed to receive a booster vaccine shot. Or when Alex Jones attacked the former President for praising the COVID vaccine.

In short, the south created Donald Trump and Trumpism.

Trumpism is opportunism. It is not some new mass following for a cult except the one the south never abandoned over its anger with the north. It’s another era where Donald Trump is just a rogue Jesse James expressing the anger of the south through its racism and bigotry.

Why would Donald Trump praise the COVID vaccine when he encouraged people to swallow disinfectants during his presidency? This segment of Morning Joe provides the answers.

It goes to show how racism in America is part and parcel of its DNA makeup.


For those who always believed how could the strange phenomenon of Trumpism exist, one meeting in Dallas on December 19 cleared the air for all of us. It’s not really about the personae of Donald Trump, it’s, in fact, about Trump latching himself to the bitterness of the south that still, to this day, surfaces every time Washington D.C. appoints an African-American to a position of power.

Think denialism over Reconstruction as the candidate for President Samuel J. Tilden expressed it during his campaign for U.S. President in 1876. And just as Tilden was a New Yorker who agreed with the south when it came to its refusal to accept Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, so has  Donald Trump to please his followers.

For the confederates, Trump fits like a glove. Just as candidate for President Samuel Tilden did with his open racism. But as a private citizen, he is the confederacy’s Jesse James.

In effect, the boos in Dallas demonstrated one thing. The south is still fighting the north, and the south remains opposed to Reconstruction it sees its manifestation to this day every time a black American rises to a position of power in either the public or the private sectors.

It goes to show how racism in America is part and parcel of its DNA makeup.

Trumpism might as well be the last breath of a dying breed of men.


There is some good news in the form of a rainbow appearing after this dark journey. First and foremost is the accelerated death of old white men who remain the largest building block of racist policies in this country. These baby boomers are dying off and with them their venomous ideology.

This certainly does not mean racism is over. These bastards pro-created their children in the same image. However, there is a sense, albeit a non scientific one, that Georgia flipping into the blue column, and Austin, Texas standing up to the rest of the State with its more liberal tendencies are signs that their off-springs are not so eager to burn a cross, or lynch a black man.

Add some census data to show the growth of the minorities in America, and we might just guess there is a rainbow at the end of this social experiment. As ugly as it has been.

Trumpism might as well be the last breath of a dying breed of men. Revolting till the end against the northern policies of Emancipation.

We may finally have an America where blacks, Asians, Jews, and Latinos determine their own fate without fear from political retaliatory exercises. An America where reparations for slavery becomes reality. One where police reforms take a serious turn.

Maybe even an America where its justice system really becomes blind to the colors of skins. Not just when high visibility cases, like George Floyd, reach a court docket, but also when every American is treated equally under the law.

Utopian, you say? You are probably right. But hey, I am just happy Donald Trump is a nobody after all. The man deserves to be in prison.

Don’t you think?

The Confederacy Created Donald Trump

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