The Corralling and Prosecuting of The White Supremacists

The Corralling of The White Supremacists
The First Time Ever in American History a Confederate Flag Enters its Scared Halls

If there is one danger to our democracy President Donald Trump is leaving behind after January 20, 2021, it is the rise of White Supremacy in the United States. Trump, for over four years, fed them, promoted them, protected them, and cheered them on starting with the their Charlottesville appearance. The insurrection of January 6 was just a microcosm of the monster Trump birthed in our society. A deadly virus that remains a threat. So, the corralling and prosecuting of the White Supremacists to end their influence and starve them of oxygen is a must if our Republic is to survive the Trump era.

It started by shutting Donald Trump on Twitter. His most precious and lethal weapon to incite hate, violence, and racism. This is the beginning of the most important corralling of the White Supremacists, a bunch of domestic terrorists poisoning our democracy.

… the American Civil War is on-going. It never really ended.


While it is true that we have two standards to apply when it comes to confronting protests and riots, let us not compare what happened on January 6 to what happened when the Black Lives Matter peacefully protested in front of the Capitol. The two are totally different. How can you compare peaceful gatherings to insurrection?

The tragedy of January 6 is infinitely more acute because the Capitol Police, instead of arresting the White Supremacists, they gently “escorted” these terrorists after their destructive incursion. How could that happen if law enforcement was not complicit? It is the same law enforcement forces we witnessed beating and pepper spraying Black Americans in June of 2020.

Mainstream media is not considering this crossover seriously and until it does, we are not getting into the bottom of the influence of the White Supremacists across our society. When inside the Capitol cameras caught State legislators, an Air Force retired Lt. Colonel, and another AIr Force veteran who lost her life, It shows that this is not a fringe section of our society, it is our society. It is the people you see in supermarkets, or parents whose children attend the same school as your children do.

As shocking as this may sound, in reality, the American Civil War is on-going. It never really ended. Evidence? The sight of the Confederates Flag in the halls of the Capitol, which never before has been seen on these sacred grounds.

President-elect Joe Biden needs to end the civil war once and for all. If we don’t come down like a hammer on these White Supremacists, they will only grow stronger with time.

They [White Supremacists] need to understand that they lost in 1865


People refer to Donald Trump as Frankenstein. I wholeheartedly disagree. Trump is Doctor Waldman who gave rise to Frankenstein by nurturing the White Supremacists in this country.

It is a monster that Trump successfully tapped into, and corralling them back starts with finding those who stormed the Capitol to hold them accountable for their actions. Every single one of them.

The worst part about the events of January 6, 2021? The FBI warned us about the White Supremacists infiltrating law enforcement some 14 years ago. The Bush Administration, still chaperoning the war in Iraq, was too distracted to react.

But today is different. Today, most Americans see their danger. They see their racism and bigotry. Their hate and despicable actions. As such, with public opinion on the right side of history, it is imperative to end the American Civil War. It is time for the FBI, whom we ignored, to weaponize itself in order to corral and prosecute White Supremacy in America.

They need to understand that they lost in 1865. Period.

The Corralling and Prosecuting of The White Supremacists

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