The Devil Incarnate in Matt Gaetz

The Devil Incarnate in Matt Gaetz
The Devil Incarnate in Matt Gaetz

There is something sinister about the devil incarnate in Matt Gaetz, who will stop at nothing to get his way, to include shutting the whole U.S. government down. No care in the world, except to attain three goals he has on his mind.

First is to defund the low-income and the helpless in order to transfer to the rich. And if you think this is hogwash, explain how his mentor, supposedly a fiscally responsible Republican, spent $7.8 trillions in four years.

Gaetz is about taking from the have-nots to give to the haves. Doubtful? Remember how Brett Favre conspired to steal welfare money to build his daughter a volleyball gym? The idiots can’t help themselves.

The point is that it is not about fiscal responsibility. If it was, Gaetz would be hammering Donald Trump today for spending $7.8 trillions in four years. Partially, it’s really about the transfer of wealth.

But that is only a small part of the story behind the behavior of Matt Gaetz.

Partially, he is throwing a tantrum for pixels and ink.


We know it is hard not to get wrapped up in the theatrics and circus atmosphere in Congress as MAGA Matt Gaetz battles his nemesis, Speaker Kevin McCarthy. But behind their feud are two other ingredients Matt Gaetz is pressing behind-the-scenes: Attention grabbing and a personal vendetta against McCarthy.

Matt Gaetz most important goal is to stay relevant. In general, extremists have no choice but to remain in the news cycle for name recognition. Sen. Tommy Tuberville is one good example.

Why? Most of their voters, when in polls, select the name they recognize the most. This fact of total voter ignorance feeds into the energy of an extremist to keep the limelight shining on themselves.

Witness that phenomenon, also, with how Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene maintain their angry personalities in the news. To these mental radicals, it is not only a question of survival, but also of relevance. Otherwise, how can they adapt to survive re-elections.

Matt Gaetz is following the same script as he jostles with McCarthy for attention and eyeballs. In effect, he is throwing a tantrum about the government debt for pixels and ink, not for fiscal responsibility that his cult leader Donald Trump trashed during four years in office.

Do you ever wonder why the country is in trouble? There you have one small snapshot.


The last reason deals with the art of vindictiveness that Donald Trump has mastered and is passing down to all his MAGA fanatics. There is no love lost between Gaetz and McCarthy, dating back to Gaetz federal probe into the sex trafficking accusation.

Rolling Stone writes:

McCarthy, in Gaetz’s opinion, failed to mount a forceful enough defense on his behalf. According to two sources familiar with the matter, Gaetz has been furious at McCarthy for the perceived lack of support ever since — despite the fact that McCarthy did not strip him of any committee assignments during the probe. Rolling Stone by Asawin Suebsaeng and Tessa Stuar - January 6, 2023

The venomous animosity between Gaetz and McCarthy is all about revenge and vindictiveness, and to hell with the U.S. government as it faces a shut-down. This is what militancy and bigotry look like when the devil incarnate in Matt Gaetz poisons Congress and tries to harm the country because of a blood feud with the Speaker of the House.

Come elections 2024, most of the people in Gaetz district, totally unaware of his evil maneuvers, will vote for this misguided zealot because they recognize his name. Often, they are too lazy or too idiotic to check whether he is a good representative for their district.

Do you ever wonder why the country is in trouble? There you have one small snapshot.

The Devil Incarnate in Matt Gaetz

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