The Fox Network Propaganda Machine

In light of the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit, if there was ever any doubt that the Fox networks and its affiliates are in the business of promoting lies, this has been put to bed very quickly. The Fox Network propaganda machine is the reason why America is internally ever so divided, boasts increased racism and anti-woke sentiments, and invites anti-American conspiracies at every level of our society. Not to mention the culture wars the network promotes at every occasion to keep our most ignorant voters in their blind lanes.

Fellow readers, Rupert Murdoch, single-handedly, has broken America in two and almost broke its democracy; and Fox anchors are but the driving force leading more Americans towards anger and violence.

What are we to do with a so-called news network that does not abide by the moral rules of journalism by dispensing the truth to its viewers? What laws can Congress pass, in light of the new revelations, that would end Fox amplifying horn of deceit without trampling on the First Amendment of the media in general? This is what we should all be thinking about. This is what Congress should do in order to save this country from the abyss of another civil war.

What to do about Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Network!

If we cannot break Fox, we should at least try and make it so expensive to spread their lies.


Should Dominion Voting Systems prevail, which many legal experts believe it will, will paying a large sum of money enough to correct the course Fox has chosen to take? Will a financial beating suffice to control Fox in the future without resorting to some dramatic new laws to curb its appetite for lying?

We don’t believe so, and here is the main reason.

Fox has captured the audience attention of the low hanging white voters in this country, which is a feat mainstream media has failed to accomplish. Would Fox, changing course by telling its audience the truth, lose the network its ratings? This, after all, was the excuse Rupert Murdoch implied when he declared during his deposition that “It’s not red or blue, it’s green“.

As long as green is the goal, the means justify the end. In other words, Fox would lie again, if necessary, to keep its audience tuned to their network, and to embrace advertisers and their lies. Advertisers like Mike Lindell. We see it already with Tucker Carlson washing the January 6 insurrection.

Congress and the American people should not trust the Fox Network propaganda machine. Greed runs the corporation, and a horrible form of journalism that ignores the truth. This, in our opinion, makes Fox News the equivalent of any Putin-controlled propaganda media in Russia, or any third-world countries.

If we cannot break Fox, we should at least try and make it so expensive to spread their lies.

The Fox Network Propaganda Machine

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