The Jewish High Priests Are Still Killing Christians

The Jewish High Priests Are Still Killing Christians
The Jewish High Priests Are Still Killing Christians. The Catholic Holly Family Parish in Gaza where IDF snipers killed two Christian women..

According to a statement by the Latin Catholic Patriarchate of Jerusalem, IDF snipers shot and killed, in cold blood, two Christian women on the grounds of the Holy Family Parish in Gaza where Christians are escaping Israeli terror. How history repeats itself. Just as the High Priests during the Roman Empire conspired to crucify Jesus Christ, the Jewish High Priests of today, as represented by Benjamin Netanyahu and his war cabinet, are still killing Christians two thousand years later.

With the new and violent Zionists of Israel, there is no escaping their history of backstabbing, extreme violence, and conniving artistry to advance their own personal gains over universality and the common good. Conspiring to kill Jesus Christ is exactly up their alley, just as killing two innocent Christian women is part of their duty to the Zionist ideology.

In Netanyahu’s case, the man would be willing to extend the war for years if that means he can keep his position and escape the culpability of his incompetence as a prime minister. If you really monitor the terrorizing violence of the Israeli Defense Forces, you would come to the same conclusions as we have: This new IDF, under Netanyahu, is nothing but a terrorist organization parading as an army.

How else can one explain shooting two unarmed Christian women on the grounds of a church? Better yet, how does one explain the IDF shooting Israelis, they believed to be Hamas, even when they raised a while flag of surrender? A professional army does not kill like cowardly terrorists.

Zionism is at war against Muslims and Christians alike.


There is a video circulating on social media showing two Israeli settlers desecrating a Christian cemetery in the West Bank. This is no accident. The Jewish settlers hate everyone who is not like them, they consider impure and heretical, to include the Torah Jews who oppose Zionism.


While Israel wants to present to the world that its fight is really against Hamas, underneath it all, there is also a secret war going on against the Christians of the Middle East, specifically the Catholic Christians.

Shooting two unarmed Catholic Christian women, in addition to the video above, shows the terror of Zionism against all non-Jews.

Incidentally, Nazis also desecrated Jewish cemeteries across Europe, which makes Zionism the new Nazism in disguise. When one sees the ferocity of the Israeli killing machine in Gaza, one cannot but think that if Netanyahu could build gas chambers to exterminate the Palestinians, he would. If only he can guarantee the world would simply abide by his genocide.

Zionism is at war against both Christians and Muslims. And since our American political system is utterly broken, the Zionists in Israel are using their influence over American Jewish money to buy our Senators by the busload. Then they divert that influence to start wars against their own benefactors and protectors.

When did we see that movie before some 2,000 years ago? Was it not when the High Priests turned on their own, named Jesus Christ, to advance their narrow interests?

If you are a Christian, never turn your back on a Zionist. Their dagger will never fail to strike.

The Jewish High Priests Are Still Killing Christians

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