The Loving Domestic Terrorists of Donald Trump

The Loving Domestic Terrorists of Donald Trump

For those who watched the first day of testimony delivered by four members of the Capitol Police who witnessed first-hand the loving domestic terrorists of Donald Trump, it is hard to imagine not only their singular experiences but also the viciousness of those domestic terrorists as the loser Trump turned them into foot soldiers for a coup he mounted to attempt to overturn the elections. Trump failed to mount a coup against the U.S. Government for two reasons: 1) He is a loser, and 2) Our institutions proved to be more resilient than the cult of one man. Even when he garnered 75 million votes. This is something we should all be proud about.

The testimony of the four brave Capitol policemen proved without a doubt that the loser Trump is out for himself, not the law and order he has been calling for, which now seems so hollow when tested. What law and order when he directs his followers to attack the very police supposed to uphold law and order? It goes to show that his calls are two-faced. Yes, when law and order kills unarmed black people. But no when law and order stands in the way of domestic terrorism his supporters carried out on January 6.

Trump is all in for the white supremacists law and order. But not the law and order that protects our democracy.

Does Berlin boast an Adolf Hitler Platz or Strasse?


After witnessing the Confederate flag fly at the Capitol, many Americans must have asked this question: Who really won the civil war? Why are we permitting the south interpretation of history proliferate by naming streets and erecting statutes of their Confederate generals and mass murderers across the south and north of the country? Does Berlin boast an Adolf Hitler Platz or Strasse?

This country has been divided since the civil war and no amount of northern magnanimity is going to suddenly turn racist southerners into nation healers. Honestly, look at their leaders in the shape and form of Rep. Mo Brooks or Senators Mitch McConnell or Rand Paul. How about the a**hole Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia who called January 6 a “normal tourist visit”? We are dealing here with cloned Goebbels spreading poisonous lies.

Congress must pass a law to begin erasing the history of slave owners who fought in the civil war. If they can cancel the slave history in this country, we have every right to cancel theirs. This should not be a negotiable concept. Permitting the south to hail and glorify their slave ownership and their history of violence not only against black people but also against Jews is what caused the January insurrection of January 6. The U.S. Government provided the south the excuse for entitlement and proliferation of violence.

It’s time to remind the south who won the civil war.

The Loving Domestic Terrorists of Donald Trump

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