The Most Despicable Human Bar None

The Most Despicable Human Bar None
The Most Despicable Human Bar None

There is no organization on earth, like the Nobel Committee, that names, based on factual criteria, who are the most despicable humans living on planet earth. We are not talking about historical figures here but rather about the ones still living with their poison among us and breathing the same air decent people do. If such organization existed — Hey, billionaires, put your money where your mouth is — my guess Donald Trump would be the most despicable human in modern times bar none. No one even comes close to that pile of trash.

The list of illegal and immoral actions Donald Trump has engaged in to earn him this title is a mile long. But since his despicable personae is as good as his last unethical and depraved action, take note of what the former Fuhrer is planning. The whole world knows he tried to overturn our elections; even if that meant his own vice-president gets hanged by the domestic terrorists he incited directly.

The January 6 Committee’s expected condemnation of his actions is not sitting well with this twice-impeached despicable human. So, Trump is demanding that the whole GOP backs him by attacking the January 6 Committee to re-write, temporarily I might add, the horrible history of his miserable existence. Lo and behold, Republicans are responding to his ancestral German orders just like house trained pets respond to their masters.

The Trump despicable humanity will always resonate with that class of uneducated baby boomer generation.


Donald Trump racism, immorality, and bigotry will live long after he’s dead and buried. Why? Because his followers are either dumb miscreants, racist bastards, or both. And since racism is part and parcel of the history of this nation baked into its DNA, many people remain loyal to that concept of self-superiority even if their IQ does not exceed the score of a high school basketball game.

The Trump despicable humanity will always resonate with that class of uneducated baby boomer generation. Our own salvation is time, which is sending them to their makers by the truckloads. Come 2035, most would be long gone. Why would a political party want to follow Donald Trump to the graveyard for his inconsequential and damning history is a mystery to many.

Trump is both a gangster and a former President, which elevates his pulpit to endanger the very existence of our young republic. Missing out of the equation is the public perception, somehow, that his politics are good for the country. How does racism help us achieve any greatness?

The average Trumpist is clueless, as always, and the Republicans protecting the Trump gangster 4-year stint in the White House are selfish and inglorious bastards who deserve our scorn. In fact, the dwindling number of decent and righteous leaders in this country marks our decline because they placed themselves ahead of their own country. How is that for Republican patriotism BS.

Tell them [your children] that his own mother [trump’s] asked “What kind of a son I created?”


One must ask the basic question. Why is Trump so popular?

Is it because the not so bright grass root supporters truly believe he is anti-establishment? When, in fact, the cruel Trump is only pro-Trump? Is it because of dormant racism that takes us back to the 18th century America has never abated? Or, is it because Confederacy is itching for civil war 2.0? It is possible all three qualify as good answers.

White Supremacy after all is an indirect message of non-white inferiority. If you are not white, you are inferior. There is enough hate in this message to wage a war, which require that teens acquire weapons of war freely. Hate is also powerful enough to shelve all rational thinking, which seems to have gripped the Republican Party of late. Connecting the dots?

This divided nation looks broken to many, but there is hope it might heal in 20 years or so. The combination of more baby boomer Trumpists dying off and crashing birth rates among their offsprings might just create the right demographic conditions for the Republican Party to morph into a more balanced and enlightened version of itself.

Then, and only then, the Trump era might finally become the General Franco of our times. Between historians writing the truth and fewer living Trumpists to create the cowardly figures we witness in the GOP today, this country might find its compass again. Centered and pointing to hope and real civility.

Meanwhile, tell your children that the most despicable human bar none is Donald Trump.

Tell them that his own mother asked “What kind of a son I created?”

The Most Despicable Human Bar None

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