Who is the Most Hated Republican in America Today?

The Most Hated Republican in America Today

If someone asked you who is the most hated Republican in America today, what answer would you give? We selected six candidates listed below for you to consider.

Now, I realize this is a new Blog and the readership is still limited, but my hope is that you would also share this page with your families and friends and seek their answers. What they may tell might be as revealing as an Apple ad.

For me, I cannot make-up my mind between Trump and Hawley, with Cruz coming in as a strong second. Cruz is as creepy as they come.


In all honesty, I am not going to recite the ill-deeds of the former President. Everyone knows that Trump is the main character in this horrible movie we have been watching for five years, and regurgitating all the lies and the neglect he bestowed upon the good people of this nation will do nothing but to rub salt in our wounds.

So, let us start reciting the sins of these Republicans, alphabetically.

Ted Cruz: He voted to suppress the electoral college confirmations naming Joe Biden our 46th President. Everyone sees the snake crawl out of his mouth every time he opens it.

Marjorie Greene: A racist Congresswoman who vouched to kill other Members of Congress for just being Catholics and/or Muslims. Her IQ is low enough to believe in things your 10-year old would reject.

Josh Hawley: The Senator from Missouri has the reflexes of an intellectual moron drowning in his own gray matter. His single-minded obsession with power almost killed our democracy on January 6.

Kevin McCarthy: The future hopeful Speaker of the House will have to wait a long time. Gutless, weak, and looking for someone to lead him too.

Mitch McConnell: This chameleon can spurt the poison of a Yellow Fattail scorpion. His specialty is to block every piece of legislation that does not fit exactly the needs of his corporate sponsors.

Donald Trump: The ultimate con man and supreme sociopath racist. To many, Trump represents everything that is wrong with this country because he believes he is above the law. The worst of the worst, bar none.

Who is the Most Hated Republican in America Today?

  1. Why chose just one? They’re all pieces of shit who should face firing squads.

    Not a duplicate posting, fix your site please.

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