“The Real Housewives of Texas” Starring Elon Musk

"The Real Housewives of Texas" Starring Elon Musk
“The Real Housewives of Texas” Starring Elon Musk

There is no doubt that Elon Musk is a genius businessman. He has built exceptional companies, using innovative technologies, that are testimony to this prodigal captain of industry. But what many are also starting to realize about him is how much this geek lacks any social skill set, or etiquette, to match with his business achievements. He is the ultimate gauche and the preeminent maladroit. His latest gaffe was to sleep with the wife of his friend Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, which has already made him a homewrecker. This episode of Elon Musk’s behavior is befitting of a new TV series we suggest to call “The Real Housewives of Texas” starring Elon Musk.

These reality TV shows represent the housewives homewreckers of America. Just like Elon.


Later, the real housewife from Texas, with a trillion dollar business brain, dropped on one knee to apologize to Brin for wrecking his home. Using his $10 infantile social brain, of course. If we were to produce this TV show, we would start the first episode with Ms. Elon Musk, the homewrecker, tell the other real housewives of Texas how much he enjoyed screwing his friend. Behind his back, as is traditional with similar TV reality shows.

Ever since Elon Musk showed his true colors as a South African anti-woke racist his native country should have adopted, the mainstream media has put him under a microscope. Up until a year ago, he could write his own articles in any print and online media. Not today.

As more stories come out like this one lying about living in a $50,000 pad, when in fact he lived sumptuously in a mansion, the public is getting to know the real Elon Musk. Not the one he wants you to see without his very ugly side. But rather the one that a teenager might have more common sense to avoid. Wrecking the home of his best friend Sergey Brin, who is now seeking a divorce, shows us he could care less about the people he coexists with; to include his best friends.

What’s next, other than this new SEC investigation? No way of telling how far this childish baby will go. Meanwhile, wait for the Real Housewives of Texas starring Elon Musk coming to your favorite cable channel soon.

“The Real Housewives of Texas” Starring Elon Musk

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