The Secret Conversation Netanyahu Had With Biden

The Secret Conversation Netanyahu Had With Biden
The Secret Conversation Netanyahu Had With Biden

The genocide in Gaza has given Falafel, a super reporter who can see and hear everything, the impetus to come out of retirement. Falafel sharpened his pen, and focused his thoughts and energy to write about Biden’s complicity with Netanyahu to destroy the Palestinian identity and drive 2.3 million Palestinians into the Sinai desert of Egypt. In his first such articles, Falafel wrote about the secret conversation Netanyahu had with Biden when they met in Jerusalem just two days after October 7.

With just enough time to refuel Air Force One and for Biden to take several successive naps to preserve his energy before his historic meeting with the premier Nazi of the Middle East, Falafel was ready. Accompanying Biden was his Secretary of State Antony Blinken, known for not blinking even if a tree hit him.


Biden landed in Jerusalem and rushed to hug Benjamin Netanyahu as if he was his son. The one who tragically died, and which only God knows why he took his life. Who else knows why is Biden’s priest whom Biden confesses all his secrets. On that score, do not expect the FBI to investigate this little oversight because Biden promised to write every word of his confessions starting with “Hail Mary” and deliver it to the FBI Director directly.

After both Biden and Netanyahu were ushered into an adjacent room to Netanyahu’s office with no one present except the two, Falafel, with his super ability to see and hear everything, wrote briefly below what transpired.


Biden: What can I do for Israel to make this right?

Netanyahu: We want to destroy Gaza and drive the Palestinian animals into the Sinai desert, or the sea, whichever is cheaper.

Biden: That’s more than I expected. I have an election year coming, and it would be hard for me to win if you kill the civilian population in Gaza and drive them out of their homes. What about Egypt? You have a peace treaty with that country.

Netanyahu: Don’t worry, Mr. President. We have a nifty little plan that no one would be able to understand its aims until it’s too late. It includes starting a war with a much weaker Egypt than it was in 1973. Who will help them this time? You tied Putin’s hands in Ukraine, and China is not yet ready to confront the United States. It’s a golden opportunity for Israel to steal Gaza. Forever.

Biden: Will you need US troops to help you defeat Egypt?

Netanyahu: We always require US troops to fight for us. Jews are priceless, Christians are cheap.


Biden: Whew. You had me worried for a minute there, buddy.

Netanyahu: First, we kill as many Palestinians as we can. Their women, their children, their old men, their dogs, their cats, their donkeys, it does not matter. We kill them all. For that, we require your 2,000 lbs. bombs to kill as many as we can in the shortest period we can.

Biden: Glad you said the shortest period because this war cannot go on indefinitely. I have a campaign to run next year.

Netanyahu: This is why we require those monstrous bombs. To kill so many, so quickly. Don’t worry, Mr. President, if you get us these bombs, I will do everything I can to make sure AIPAC helps you win the elections in 2024.

Biden: Speaking of AIPAC, I only received a little over $4.3 millions from AIPAC. Sheldon Adelson, your best friend, gave Donald Trump $300 millions.

Netanyahu: if you agree with me in implementing our ethnic cleansing plan, I will personally pick up the phone and call Jewish American billionaire donors to give you the millions you need to win. You see, Mr. President, Israel needs a U.S. President in the White House who follows orders. Not some renegade like Trump, who could be quite unpredictable. In Israel, we love predictability. Are you willing to take orders from AIPAC?


Netanyahu: Not only that, we also promise you some personal walk around money, like we have promised and delivered to many in Congress. In fact, we promised George Santos the same because we loved his dishonesty and immorality. Until the New York Times spoiled our plans.

Biden: How much?

Netanyahu: If you follow the exact script, we promise you to retire with at least $100 million in a Swiss Bank account under an Israeli fake name and passport. The IRS will never find out about it, I promise you.

Biden: I don’t care what you do to the Palestinians, you can count on me to deliver whatever weapons you require, and to assist you in your plans. Only, if you stand by your promise to fund my campaign, and some walk around money.

Both men stood up, and shook hands. The meeting was over, and Biden did not want to know the details because he was already getting too tired. With a broad smile on his face, Biden boarded Air Force One to return to Washington.

Falafel rushed to DC as well to write his explosive story.

The Secret Conversation Netanyahu Had With Biden

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