The Shocking Reality About Racism in America

The Shocking Reality About Racism in America
General Robert E. Lee

The United States has morphed itself from a slavery-practicing society to one that protects the civil rights of African-Americans using strong laws and targeted legislation. The truth remains though that there is a shocking reality about racism in America. Maybe the Unionists won in 1865, but when you see Lincoln’s Party overwhelmed by the great grandchildren of Secessionists, you know that not much has changed.

Between a devastating civil war and the civil rights movement of the late sixties, Americans have witnessed immense resistance by remnants of a southern mentality, which, to this day, survives by reminding the world of its southern civil war heroes, their statutes, and their names on Federal buildings and installations.

It was only on December 20, 2020 that the Statute of General Robert F. Lee was finally removed from the U.S. Capitol.

That’s 56,658 days after the end of the civil war. Lee’s statute has been erected in 1909, some 44 years after the south lost the civil war.

The majority of the people who showed-up July 12, 1979 were just racists who put on display their disdain for black artists


A documentary about The Bee Gees, an Australian pop band with a long history of music hits, also documented a period in the band’s history when Disco music fell out of favor with the public. Behind the fallout was an intentional racist effort to end the The Soul Train, a popular TV show that started in 1971 Disco era, and which showcased black talent on national television.

I recommend highly anyone to see the Bee Gees documentary on HBO, especially the Millennials and Generation Z crowd to fully grasp the deviousness of racism.

A Chicago-based DJ by the name of Steve Dahl started breaking Disco records on the air as a form of protest against its popularity. On July 12, 1979, his efforts ended-up in selling tickets to Comisky Park for $.98 if people also brought with them Disco records to literally blow up in the middle of the field during half-time of the baseball game. Vince Lawrence, a black usher at the time the producers of the documentary interviewed, witnessed the whole event. Watch in this short video what Lawrence said about the kinds of records Dahl blew up:

The majority of the people who showed-up July 12, 1979 were just racists who put on display their disdain for black artists. All of which Dahl may or may not have backed, but he certainly was a facilitator of racism in 1979.

Mind you, that’s some 114 years after the civil war that freed the slaves from their southern masters.

Go figure those miscreant Republicans boot-licking Trump’s racism. If you can.


When you consider the length of time and the persistence of racism in America, it is not hard to realize that it is as systematic as it is permanent. It matters little how many laws Congress writes and passes, it matters little how much impact education has on the eradication of racism, it is still there, hibernating in the dark, and ready to show its ugly face the moment a U.S. President, like Donald Trump, reels it from the depth of his own depravity.

Racism is not only anti-American but it is also anti-capitalist. When you subject millions of people to planned and intentional economic deprivation, you are also depriving your own country of the potential of a far more potent economy. Some of the very same legislators who are willing to write trillions of dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy are also the ones depriving blacks and African-Americans of their rights to economic parity.

Go figure those miscreant Republicans boot-licking Trump’s racism.

We all must honor any Republican willing to put their country ahead of their own self-interests. Or those who follow the letter of the Constitution rather than a cult-like figure.

The Shocking Reality About Racism in America

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