The Texas Nazis Attempt at Spreading Their Hate

If you have studied the history of this country, you would know that racist White Anglo-Saxon Protestants come at you during the night when you least expect the manifestation of their hate. They do it by passing what looks like innocuous laws only to discover their full intent years later as other supporting actions and rules collectively begin harming the black and brown communities. In the “opposing the Holocaust” books the Southlake school district recommended for reading, the Texas Nazis attempt at spreading their hate by squeezing a midnight demand against the Jews backfired. American Jewry met it heads-on with immediate denunciation, resistance, and push back. American Jews know exactly how White Supremacists operate. They were ready with their guns cocked.

The black and brown communities are beginning to fight back with the same vigor and sense of urgency. Witness their immediate response to the suppression of their votes across many red states. However, fighting back is not enough. How do we eradicate these bastards from our midst should be the goal of every sane American.

This is how the State of Texas elects its most vile politicians. They, in turn, appoint racist Nazis to positions of power.


You have heard the term “dog whistle” before. It’s when politicians running for office use innuendos and characterizations commensurate with their racist views. Before you know it, their whistles attract the bad and the ugly to vote them into office.

Some politicians in the South and the Midwest states no longer hide their true colors in the aftermath of the era of the racist Donald Trump. They whistle all right, and all their voters hear clearly what they say. No need to interpret their signals.

This is how the State of Texas elects its most vile politicians. They, in turn, appoint racist Nazis to positions of power. The Southlake demand for books opposing the views of the Holocaust is nothing but a tour-de-force to showcase the racists are abiding by the law. A law they passed in the middle of the night to hide their ugly history of oppressing non-Protestants in America.

What book opposes the Holocaust? There is only one that I know of. Maybe the Republican Nazis in Texas want Mein Kampf, Hitler’s book, to provide an alternative view to the Holocaust. Maybe this is the first step to sneak the book into public schools to abide by the laws they wrote. No one can convince me this is not their aim.

Just the sheer announcement of a such a coalition will send a profound signal to them that we are fighting back Trumpism.


If the American Jews, the black communities, and the Latinos unite in the U.S., they can be a formidable adversary to racism and bigotry. Between the power of Jewish money, the determination of black voters, and the Latinos’ need for immigration justice, they can drown racism.

This trio of groups can form a coalition whose goal it is to hold accountable the racist Nazis manifesting themselves behind banal laws whose purpose is to add another bead to the full circle of bigotry. Use the hate crimes laws on the books to call every “opposing the Holocaust” gesture and maneuver to slowly filter the bureaucrats’ ranks from all the racist and Nazi scoundrels who continue to poison our society.

Just the sheer announcement of such a coalition will send a profound signal to the racist Nazis that we are fighting back Trumpism. Just the thought of fighting back will drown them into oblivion sooner than later. Use the Klu Klux Klan Act of 1871 to oppress their racist views in civil courts.

All good Americans need to push back against racism and antisemitism. This is how we bury Trumpism forever. This is how we kill the beast dividing our country.

The Texas Nazis Attempt at Spreading Their Hate

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