The Two Appalling Republican Candidates for 2024

It is no secret that when all is said and done, there will be two appalling Republican candidates still standing as the two front choices for the GOP for 2024. In Donald Trump, the GOP base has to deal with a serial liar and a racist who believes he is above the law. In Ron DeSantis, the GOP is empowering an authoritarian figure willing to pass whatever laws are necessary to muzzle the First Amendment rights for all those who believe in a different ideology than his. Democratic, they are both not.

Trump of German stock is America’s Fuhrer, and DeSantis of Italian stock is today’s Benito Mussolini. Who says history does not repeat itself?

It boggles the mind to consider the turbulent and dramatic transformations the Republican Party has experienced once the White Supremacists realized that the U.S. demographics are heading in the wrong direction when it comes to Caucasians in America. Suddenly, democracy is out the window with these fools.

This is not an anti-GOP, anti-conservative Blog. We welcome the candidacies of Liz Cheney, or Senator Mitt Romney, or anyone for that matter who does not tow authoritarianism or racism to win a base of some 30 million American voters who believe Donald Trump is their Messiah. We welcome anyone but the two appalling Republican candidates, who also happen to be dictatorial racists, most likely one of whom will win the nomination.

Fellow readers, tighten your seat belts. It will get much, much worse very soon.


The new GOP is on a new path of power that would guarantee it total supremacy. For those who have not noticed yet, there is a new effort to introduce authoritarianism to the masses as an acceptable alternative to democracy. Witness how the MAGA Republicans feel about Russia, or how they invite fascist European leaders to their conservative conferences. Notice, also, how Ron DeSantis is attempting to normalize policies that would strip Americans of their rights under the Constitution.

Folks, the Nazis started burning books before they burned cities. America has now entered the phase of book burning. From the looks of it, the new GOP wants to turn this nation into a dictatorship as it sets its sight on stripping Americans of their rights. Slowly, but surely. Ron DeSantis is now leading the charge.

Will he succeed? Probably not because our institutions are resilient. But that does not mean the American public should go to sleep. It is incumbent upon everyone of us to protect the democracy we all cherish because of the new extreme GOP trying to flip democracy into an autocracy.

Even if we feel safe today, that does not mean, however, that we are safe in 2028 or 2032. It’s coming. The racist White Supremacists in America will not let anyone, or anything, take control of the country they built with the sweat and tears of their slaves.

Fellow readers, tighten your seat belts. It will get much, much worse very soon because of the two appalling Republican candidates for 2024.

What will Fox Rupert Murdoch do in case Trump wins the nomination for a 2024 run? He and others will fall in line.


The chances that Jack Smith, the special council Merrick Garland appointed to pursue the merit of indicting Donald Trump in a legal court of law for his January 6 insurrection are becoming less certain by the day. There is no appetite in Washington to prosecute a former U.S. President with such following many of whom are armed to the teeth and are willing to use violence to defend their cult leader.

Jack Smith or not, the likelihood Donald Trump will ever face accountability is slim to none. This administration is relying on prosecuting anyone involved in January 6 except the leadership. The rest are all paying dearly to defend themselves in court, which will become the main reason future insurrectionists might think twice before they attack another government institution.

Therefore, the chances are high it will be Trump vs. Biden in 2024. Especially if the field of would-be GOP hopefuls become overcrowded allowing many to split the never Trump voters. Such would provide Donald Trump with a clear edge over DeSantis even though the Evangelists are turning on Trump.

What will Fox Rupert Murdoch do in case Trump wins the nomination for a 2024 run? He and others will fall in line. They will have no choice but to back the Fuhrer even though he most certainly will lose again as he did in 2020.

The Two Appalling Republican Candidates for 2024

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