The Violent Zionists Are Also The Cowardly Zionists

The Violent Zionists Are Also The Cowardly Zionists
Torah Jews Who Suffer from Violent Zionism as Much as the Palestinians Do. The Violent Zionists Are Also The Cowardly Zionists

Imagine you live in a country where a group of ultra-conservative religious, let us call them Haredi, can use their religion as an excuse to exempt themselves from fighting the very same wars they instigate others to fight on their behalf in support of their religious extremist beliefs. Yes, you got this right. We are talking about the State of Israel, where the violent Zionists are also the cowardly Zionists settlers, responsible for much of the horrors of the Gaza War, not only steal other peoples’ lands, but also do not want to fight and die for their beliefs by forcing others to die for them.

The more liberal and secular Israelites have had enough of their cowardice. The Israeli Supreme Court is due to rule on the legality of the Haredi Exemption.

An article in The Economist described well the dilemma by stating “Ultra-Orthodox Israelis’ refusal to fight is a growing problem for Netanyahu. Those keeping him in power are unwilling to share the burdens of war

Imagine being a secular Israeli fighting for these cowards. The likes of Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, who are pushing to expand the Gaza War to include invading Lebanon and Syria.

In our opinion, the Israeli society cannot survive the pitfalls of its own extremism. It will eventually break the country apart as Israel’s isolation on the world stage turns into an economic meltdown.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee the United States can sustain indefinitely its financial support because many at home are screaming bloody hell for the festering problems we are all facing like open borders, crime, homelessness, and a lesser quality of life for a new generation of middle class resembling those we find in lesser developed countries.

This is the Israel Joe Biden is supporting today. And he thinks he deserves another four years.

Ah! The idiocy of Joe Biden.

The Violent Zionists Are Also The Cowardly Zionists

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