The War Between Pluralism and Unilateralism

The War Between Pluralism and Unilateralism

Every aspect of our dysfunctional political system and undemocratic stakeholders of our economy is the result of one simple doctrine. It’s the war between pluralism and unilateralism. Or, in layman’s terms, the war between the rise of the MAGA White Supremacy, which is already in control of U.S. economy, as opposed to a more pluralistic and just society where all races that share in building this nation at all levels earn their fair share of the pie. Reality is that the American Dream, for half the country, is but a mirage. By design. Think of half the country chasing a carrot like a donkey.

You see, economic independence is subject to economic opportunities. If the pursuit of equal opportunities are hindered by racism or greed, then rigging the system becomes the next natural evolutionary step.

So why such venom from the far right against all Americans, except the whites, to share equally in the fruits of their own labor? Why such vast divide between the rich and the poor, many of whom still get paid $7.25 an hour? Is it because of pure economics? If everyone benefits equally from the economy, who will serve the rich? Who will mow their lawns, and turn over their bed sheets? Is this the reason why America’s high school education is so inferior to its counterparts in Europe?

It appears that there is no sharing in America’s economic system, only producing for those who control the economy. And if you happen to succeed, and many do, then you are always welcomed on the other side no questions asked. But who usually succeed? The people provided equal opportunities. Usually the same race, the same culture, the same upbringing, and the same looks.

No country can survive the social divisions the United States is witnessing today.


In the last eight years, with help from Donald Trump, America has peeled its outer onion layers to uncover a terrible truth. One that shows racism in the United States is worse than what the government tells us, and that income inequality has reached levels that only demonstrate another horrible truth centered on the fact that the very few control the U.S. economy.

These are facts. Indisputable in the face of data that is staring us in the face.

So why is America so divided when it comes to racial and economic equality? Why the deprivation is so obvious with the arrival of Donald Trump? Greed aside, why certain white Americans are accelerating this war between pluralism and unilateralism and the U.S. Government is unable to effectively control the divisions? Even with the deployment of so many programs, laws, and efforts to even the playing field?

No country can survive the social divisions the United States is witnessing today and which Donald Trump is fueling constantly. It will eventually break this country apart, which might usher a Soviet-like form of government.

Controlling Trump’s message fosters the difference between the vision of American real exceptionalism, which has been able to assimilate all immigrants under one American roof, or the dissolution of that experiment, which might lead us to fascism and dictatorship.

How to avoid this divide between pluralism and unilateralism that is fast becoming untenable is up to our politicians and their wisdom.


One of the reasons for this war between pluralism and unilateralism might be fear of the unknown. Trumpists fear what they don’t understand and they are incessantly battling unfamiliarity. They know their leader is a lying SOB and this truth is too hard for them to accept. Instead, showing anger to the point of calling for a civil war provides a clearer path to channel their anger. Trump, meanwhile, keeps dividing America because it serves his interests personally, and because it keeps the poor, mostly minorities, in their place.

The American people are very patient in general. Americans will look for ways to solve their problems using the law, which sometimes may not offer the path to achieving one’s goals. Barring the law, they look for the power of their votes to compel change, which, in and by itself, is a long process that in the case of the Supreme Court Justices, as an example, might take a generation or two to reflect the will of the people.

But, sooner or later, when all doors close to them, they will choose violence to force change as we have seen on January 6. Now imagine for a moment, with 400 million weapons on the streets, what this might mean.

How to avoid this divide between pluralism and unilateralism that is fast becoming untenable is up to our politicians and their wisdom. The last six years of Trump have demonstrated how dire is our needs for our leaders to ease the tensions and usher a new era of peace and prosperity for all.

It won’t happen, though, before Donald Trump departs this earth.

The War Between Pluralism and Unilateralism

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