Trump Has DeSantis But Whom Does Biden Have?

Two things we learned during this mid-term election. There was no red wave to carry denialists closer to power, and there is a new sheriff in town in Ron DeSantis to unseat the old corrupt and immoral sheriff in Donald Trump. Of the latter, Trump has DeSantis to challenge him for the 2024 nomination, but whom does Biden have to challenge him should his popularity remain below par? This is not a settled issue as many Democrats need to consider that if DeSantis becomes the front runner in 2024, can Biden keep up with his energy and Floridian popularism some may question it could retain its robustness nationally.

This is not a question that is going to go away even though there are many reasons to praise the President for blocking that red wave with timely announcements and reminders of his accomplishments. Today, Democrats are semi-celebrating deterring the Republicans from winning by such decisive margins, but tomorrow, many within the circle of the Democratic Party are going to begin this discussion in earnest because two years is too little time to turn a political nominee into a household name.

Will it be Governor Gavin Newsom of California?


There are two important factors to consider about Biden that must somehow be addressed sooner than later. His advanced age as he will be 82 by 2024, and his popularity during the second term. These two elements will play a role in whether the democrats convince Biden to abandon the leadership of the party to younger voices — especially as Generation Z is fast becoming a voting force to recognize. Should that happen, Trump has DeSantis but whom will the Democrats rely upon to replace Biden?

Will it be Governor Gavin Newsom of California? He already demonstrated a keen interest in a presidential run when he challenged DeSantis to a debate. Newsom totally ignored the fact that the President is in his first term. An unmistakable signal to Biden that he should retire from politics.

Kamala Harris is another possibility whom Biden might support publicly should he choose to abandon another run in 2024. Harris, however, is an unknown quantity at the national level and may not survive the close scrutiny of millions of voters. That said, she would make a good President if only the American voters gave her the chance.

There are others down the list like Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Amy Klobucher.

A Buttigieg-DeSantis campaign will present the voters with two opposing forces that might highlight further the divisions in this country between new conservative voices and a new liberalism intent on commanding attention to its inherent rights in the LBGTQ communities.

Meanwhile, between now and 2024, just tune yourself to the biggest American soap opera in the Trump-DeSantis food fight.


At the end of the day, the American voters will decide through polling. If Biden’s approval ratings remain below water, he would have no choice but to abjure the nomination in the service of the greater good of the party. Something that Biden will honor because of his political roots and loyalty.

Meanwhile, between now and 2024, just tune yourself to the biggest American soap opera in the Trump-DeSantis food fight. Mind you, if DeSantis follows in the footsteps of Governor Brian Kemp who ignored Trump completely, it might become a dud of a soap opera.

Just imagine how will this play out. Trump would be screaming from the top of his lungs for attention and DeSantis will act as if he did not exist. Sweat revenge indeed.

Nonetheless, one thing for sure, Donald Trump will finally get out of our lives. Thank all the heavens for this denouement after seven years of torture.

Trump Has DeSantis But Whom Does Biden Have?

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