Trump is Providing Democrats Campaign Gems

Talk about crazy. Former President Donald Trump, whom we also refer to as Führer Trump, laid out his whole agenda at CPAC, if he wins the 2024 elections, with these words “I am your warrior. I am your justice. I am your retribution”. Just the kind of language Americans would want to hear, which confirm that “Trump wants to become President for revenge, not to serve the American people.” In brief, Trump is providing Democrats with some campaign gems it will be hard to explain on a national level, especially with the independents he needs to win the elections.

Who would want to vote for a President who is going to spend his whole time and energy on revenge against his opponents? For sure, drawing blood is consuming Donald Trump. It is also leading him to act even more irrationally than we ever witnessed before.

Could it be that Trump is running again to lose again? Or is idiocy a far more plausible excuse for his blood rhetoric?


For many of his voters, who live in La La Land hoping to fly on an alien saucer ship one day, most believe Trump is Captain America out to destroy his enemies. Most of them think they are living in a movie. If their Führer wants revenge, so revenge it will be.

Trump’s class of voters are fragile and angry white Americans. They are anti-government and anti-establishment, which is borderline anti-Americans even though most flaunt the American flag on occasion, along with the Confederacy and the Nazi flags for more color.

It is true they cannot win Trump the presidency and given his revenge rhetoric, Trump may not want to win it again as much as run a gamut of cons to extract more money from these clueless souls. It just makes no sense for Trump to use revenge as his platform for 2024. Unless, he is dumber than we think, which we, here at Punditry, believe it with every ounce of our energy.

Could it be that Trump is running again to lose again? Or is idiocy a far more plausible excuse for his blood rhetoric?

We must find our center of gravity soon, or else.


No matter the answer, Trump is providing the Democrats with enough ammunition to strip him of any possibility he may gain a national footing to win again in 2024. The majority of Americans are sane voters who want to select someone to work for them, not someone who is out for himself.

Furthermore, since Trump read his revenge threats from a teleprompter, it is a fact these were not words uttered in impromptu fashion. They were deliberately planned for maximum effect to strike fear against everyone who worked to indict him, or criticized him publicly, and that could be the longest list of names in American history that any former U.S. President knowingly threatened publicly.

Whatever surprises 2023 and 2024 will bring us, the very existence of a character like Trump on the national stage will translate into a circus, a roller coaster ride, and a clown’s act guaranteed to make you cry.

America is ripping at the seams before our eyes, and until the people speak out loud and clear with their votes to put an end to Trumpism and the new rising DeSantiism, the country is heading towards a civil conflict.

We must find our center of gravity soon, or else.

Trump is Providing Democrats Campaign Gems

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