Universities Should Not Cave to Big Donors

Universities Should Not Cave to Big Donors
Universities Should Not Cave to Big Donors

We all know that wealthy Americans interfere in the process of our government doing its business to favor their private and public interests. We also know that they donate large sums of money to politicians running for office to dictate what laws to pass. Now, after the Israel-Hamas war, we are learning that they have entered a new arena to suppress freedom of speech at universities. With their largesse, they have threatened to withhold necessary donations unless universities promulgate their ideologies and block those with differing points of views from speaking out. As such, universities should not cave to big donors because it is a slippery slope towards authoritarianism when money buys our freedom to speak.

Who were the billionaires stifling free speech? Two went public, and both are Jewish Americans who are withholding support for Harvard and UPenn.

Talk about anti-Americanism in the same breath as anti-Semitism.


In one instance, billionaire Bill Ackman pressured Harvard to release the names of students who publicized their support for the Palestinian Cause in order to block them from getting any good jobs anywhere after graduating. Any good lawyer would tell you that this is a good basis for a major lawsuit. Especially if these students fail to have as a good a job as their peers had.

Will such happens? One has to take into account the deep pockets of Bill Ackman for serious consideration, something he knows. This is a fight between two titans. Ackman and Soros, if you ask us.

The statement the students issued is not anti-Semitic, nor anti-Jewish, for Ackman to react. It is anti-Israeli, though. But last we checked, Bill Ackman is not Israeli.

The statement read:

Today’s events did not occur in a vacuum. The apartheid regime is the only one to blame. Israeli violence has structured every aspect of Palestinian existence for 75 years.BBC by Madeline Halpert - October 10, 3023

Besides using the last sentence, which denies Israel’s right to exist and denies the efforts peaceful Israelis made to protect Palestinian lives, the statement is your run-of-the-mill that many organizations in the U.S. and abroad repeat all the time.

Bill Ackman’s reaction is that of a bully trying to stifle free speech.


We have a question for Bill Ackman. Do you think Harvard students with Arab heritage standing by the Palestinians is more dangerous than Trump standing by the Nazis in Charlottesville, VA and calling them good guys? So, why in the hell have you backed Donald Trump?

It is very hard to miss that hypocrisy. For the American-born Ackman, who is not an Israeli, Nazis in our midst are less dangerous than Arabs supporting their brothers in the region. There is a name for such idiocy.

Universities should never let ideological money steer their ships towards totalitarianism when the freedom of speech is deliberately stifled. Such would open a Pandora’s box that will eventually kill our democracy.

Maybe this is what Ackman wants. Perhaps this is why he supports Donald Trump.

Universities Should Not Cave to Big Donors

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