Watch Ron DeSantis Kill Black People

Ron DeSantis, the racist Governor of Florida whose policies against free speech and thought are impacting our education system negatively, is set to speak in front of Chicago’s Lodge 7, a powerful police fraternity well-known for its racism. After his speech, we can almost guarantee an uptick of violence against the brown and black people of Illinois. Watch Ron DeSantis kill black people with his words just like Donald Trump with his when he discharged his racism on them after his 2016 Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

That convention’s main theme was “law and order”, which are two dog whistle words whose purpose is to unleash violence on non-whites across the country.

Why is DeSantis interested in heading north to Illinois to address a police fraternity whose president is a known racist? Some might say that DeSantis is attempting to erode Trump’s popularity among white racist Americans. While others, like us, believe there is a more sinister goal at play here.

We believe that Ron DeSantis wants the killing of black people never to stop. What better way than to dog whistle to the most racist fraternity of police officers?

Why do they want black men dead? Because it destroys the very fabric of black families, which will relegate their women to modern-day economic slavery at $7.25 an hour working two or three jobs. Incidentally, one person working three jobs also stems the flow of immigration as fewer jobs exist for the new migrants.

In short, killing innocent black men is a gift to today’s corporation executives with a plantation mindset. One Republican politicians, like DeSantis, gifts them in return for their donations.

We should not let DeSantis use Trump’s playbook to take the American people for suckers. Again.


There is a tendency amongst publishers and editors in the mainstream media to give the benefit of a doubt to a potential presidential contender. It’s the respect many news organizations accord our elected officials until the ball drops so hard as to cause the splash the media can no longer ignore.

In the DeSantis visit to Chicago, the media should take a less cautious and more preventive approach. Predictably, the media should keep track of that violence for his opponents to use against him should he run in 2024. When an uptick of violence takes place, then plaster the headlines of his influence on that violence on front pages across this nation. We should not let DeSantis use Trump’s playbook to take the American people for suckers. Again.

And if you think his visit will not increase the violence against non-whites across this country, you live in La La Land. It will and we must stay vigilant about its impact. Both short and long-term.

For Ron DeSantis, traveling north kills two birds in one stone. He erodes Trump’s hold on the racist fraternities across this country, and he re-energizes the racist white police officers to fear no laws for their crusades against innocent black people to continue undisturbed.

As for the police fraternities themselves, DeSantis visit is godsend. The media has been holding these beehives of racism under the microscope. Such a high-profiled visit accords them a renewed impetus, as well as a sense of entitlement, to justify more killings.

Have we not learned from Donald Trump and his racist era assaulting innocent Americans?


It is imperative for the Department of Justice to act to prevent further violence against the black people of this country. It must issue an internal memorandum to all the attorney-generals of all 50 states asking them to remain vigilant against such violence. Prevention instead of maintenance.

The DOJ should, then, leak such directive to the press as a countermeasure to DeSantis sinister goal and intent. A warning shot of sort that would hold DeSantis and his ilk responsible when he looks beyond the racist 30% of Americans to have any chance at becoming president.

The Department of Justice must protect the people from any future violence white supremacists, like Ron DeSantis, are planning against the minorities in this country. How? By keeping track of DeSantis words and actions, and their immediate impact on creating the perfect conditions for his followers or admirers to turn into violent mass murderers.

Have we not learned from Donald Trump and his racist era assaulting innocent Americans?

Watch Ron DeSantis Kill Black People

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