We Do Not Care if Biden Is 110 Years Old

We Do Not Care if Biden Is 110 Years Old
We Do Not Care if Biden Is 110 Years Old

People who love this country and want to see it succeed against the onslaught of anti-democratic conservatism will tell you that Biden is the only answer to this nation’s safety. We do not care if Biden is 110 Years old, compared to Trump and DeSantis, he is the only sensible and intelligent choice to save our democracy and protect our civil rights. Period.

No one is more cruel than the duo running to earn the GOP nomination. No one is more cruel than Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Except maybe Vladimir Putin. Why would any voter want to see another white nationalist in the White House, dividing our country, when we just witnessed how a Democrat and a Republican worked together to agree on a debt ceiling bill? Why would any independent voter want to see more venom, more attacks, and more “my-way-or-the-highway” political operatives, like the Freedom Caucus, who couldn’t care less about where their extremist mindset might lead this country.

Enough is enough. No Trump and no DeSantis poisoning our well of reason. We do not care if Biden is 110 years old, millions of Americans are tired of Washington politicians dividing this country and tearing our constitutional rights apart. No more insurrections and no more culture wars. Enough is enough.

Taking a chance with either Trump or DeSantis is irresponsible and irreversible.


American extremism is different from the extremism Europe experienced during the rise of Mussolini in the early twenties, or Hitler in the early thirties. Our laws and the American public are both more vigilant and less accommodating to despotism. However, this does not mean it might not happen.

Our institutions are stronger and more resilient. That’s for sure. But with the right legal challenges and pre-meditated actions, any commander-in-chief can stir enough chaos to start a domino effect if other powerful people, with the same agenda, are on-board. Put succinctly, the GOP, if it conspires collectively, to break our democracy, will be able to cause much harm. Even with all the safeguards in place.

What keeps America safe is the right commander-in-chief, unwilling to test the limits of our institutions to go Europe’s way after World War I. We don’t see Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis backing away from leading a charge against democracy if given the chance. Both fit more the dictator’s role than any other politician in the U.S. today, and it would be irrecoverably damaging to this country to accord them the power to test their authoritarianism.

So, even if our President is 110 years old, he is the safe bet and the only choice we must consider. Taking a chance with either Trump or DeSantis is irresponsible and irreversible.

Some may not like all of Biden’s policies, but that is a far better deal than testing totalitarianism under DeSantis.

We Do Not Care if Biden is 110 Years Old

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