We Told You Ron DeSantis Was Naive

We Told You Ron DeSantis Was Naive
We Told You Ron DeSantis Was Naive

The Disney Company, Benito DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, chose to pick a fight against just upstaged him quietly to make him look like the fool that he is. Disney, prior to DeSantis moving on disbanding its board control over the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the estate on which its assets sit, had its own old board sign documents that would never relinquish the powers to Florida or Ron DeSantis by extending its ownership and control over that estate. We told you Ron DeSantis was naive. He really thinks he can outfox Donald Duck in a war of wills.

Our readers know we have no respect for Donald Trump and his ilk. But we could not resist a quote Taylor Budowich, a Trumpist, made in reference to DeSantis looking like an amateur when he said:

President Trump wrote ‘Art of the Deal’ and brokered Middle East peace, Ron DeSantis just got out-negotiated by Mickey Mouse. Taylor Budowich - March 29, 2023

BOOM!!! Checkmate, mate.

Incidentally, Trump should have called his book “The art of the graft”, for robbing people of their hard-earned money. But this is for another Blog.

To call the GOP a cult is a gift. It has become much worse than that.


Ron DeSantis reminds us of a concave mirror, which makes large objects look much smaller. His stature on the national stage is really a concave reflection of his largesse on the Florida stage. In other words, he is a mid-manager who is unfit to become a CEO.

Yet, conservative voices are betting the house on him, partially in desperation to force to pasture the real loser Donald Trump. But considering DeSantis political moves of late, like the Disney dispute he started, the man is not ready for prime time because his smallness is hard to miss. Floridian baby boomer racists and bigots love him, but Florida is not a microcosm of the United States, as the largest % of its population is 65 years or older.

But don’t tell Ron DeSantis this fact. He has yet to figure out this puzzle.

As of today, dear readers, the Republican leading field that would seal the nomination for the 2024 presidential run in 2024 is host to two characters. One who is a loser, and the other who is a naive politician unfit for the job.

To call the GOP a cult is a gift. It has become much worse than that. A cult can be evil, yet achieve some success, even if temporary. In today’s GOP, we have a cabal of losers and naive Lilliputian figures.

Those who deserve the nomination, Trump has sidelined long ago.

We Told You Ron DeSantis Was Naive

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