What Blinken Did Not Tell The Arab Leaders

What Blinken Did Not Tell The Arab Leaders
What Blinken Did Not Tell The Arab Leaders

Secretary of State Antony Blinken went on a tour of Arab countries around the Middle East to reassure them that the United States is doing all it can to minimize the death and destruction in Gaza. In return, Blinken wants the Arab countries to tame their tempers, their streets, and to remain on-board despite Israeli war crimes in Gaza. But what Blinken did not tell the Arab leaders was how the United States may have given Israel the green light to chase the 2.3 million Gazans out of their homes into the Sinai desert.

Both King Abdullah of Jordan and President el-Sisi of Egypt got wind of this secret plan when, early on, IDF Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Hecht suggested Gazans head to Egypt. It makes logical sense for the extremist government of Israel to implement an ethnic cleansing plan if we are to see what they are doing to Palestinians in the West Bank. After all, what was behind the idea of Israel warning Gazans to head south towards the borders with Egypt?


Today’s Israeli government wants to annex both Gaza and the West Bank, and it looks like the United States is in agreement. The biggest mistake President Biden made, and it seems he is doing many of them lately, was to provide Israel with weapons without placing some conditions on their use to save civilian lives.

It is backfiring big time in Michigan, where Arab-Americans have been expressing their frustration against Biden’s unconditional support for the Israeli extremist government openly. For those who are unfamiliar with what it might mean for the 2024 elections, Michigan is a key swing state Biden won by 120,000 votes in 2016 of which the Arab-American provided their own 150,000 votes. Without their support, Biden would lose Michigan in 2024.

All Biden had to do was place some conditions on the use of American weapons to save Palestinian civilian life. But he let this opportunity pass him by.

The actions and demeanor of the U.S., in the next few weeks, would prove to be critical for all parties involved in this war. Will the U.S. show clearly it is not interested in allowing the extremist government of Netanyahu to force as many Palestinians out of Gaza as it possibly can by continuing to carpet bomb the Strip? Such might force Egypt, for humanitarian purposes, to open its Rafah border crossing. Or, will the U.S., publicly seek an end to the conflict to save civilian lives?

We don’t have an answer for these two questions. Judging with how Biden is ignoring Israeli tough-to-watch bombing of Gaza, it is probably the former. Also, judging from the Secretary of State trip, it seems what was more important was what Blinken did not tell the Arab leaders what the real U.S. intentions were for Gaza.


For those who want to see Hamas eliminated all together, to them Israeli actions in Gaza are most necessary. They justify the killing of civilians because of the aim of a more noble goal. However, since we mortals have a short memory, we forgot that after trying to eliminate al-Qaeda while ignoring the terror of Assad of Syria, we gave birth to a more lethal ISIS that we are still battling in the Levant.

When Israel eliminates Hamas, today’s Israeli actions are planting the seeds for another head of snake to rise in the future. Like we said before, terror begets more terror.

We believe Biden missed a golden opportunity to seek peace while supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. The potent combination would have sent a different message to the world than the one he sent with his unconditional support of a fanatic Israeli government he knew would try to kill as many Palestinians as it can. Look what they have been doing in the West bank since the Gaza War erupted.

Unrestrained wars will bring more brutal wars to the region in the absence of any serious effort to pursue real peace. The final chapter of the Israel-Palestinian fight over lands and self-determination is far from being written. We are leaving it to another generation of, hopefully, wiser people to tackle this thorny issue. Ours just was never ready for real peace, nor was it ever serious about creating the conditions for such.

We simply ignored the extremists, on both sides, for too long, and the results are before us today.

What Blinken Did Not Tell The Arab Leaders

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