What Does This Food Fight Say About Texas?

What Does This Food Fight Say About Texas?
What Does This Food Fight Say About Texas?

The CNN article started innocuously by stating that “More than 250 people fought over discarded food in dumpsters after a power outage last week at an H-E-B grocery store in Texas”. What does this food fight say about the State of Texas when 250 of its citizens are fighting over rotten food they can ill-afford to buy from supermarket shelves? Only the powerful and the rich have access to Texas money and resources while most of Texans suffer the consequences of a State embracing lawless capitalism. Texas cannot take care of its own, nor will it ever try. That’s the honest truth.

How could we claim to be the most powerful country in the world when we cannot even help those who need it the most? These Texans would have never raided these dumpsters had they been rightfully employed, rightfully well paid, and rightfully permitted to have equal access to the same opportunities the powerful in Texas have. This one is on your reputation Texas.

The storm is gathering, yet we seem to be oblivious to its impact.


Continued assault by big business on our institutions is beginning to have an impact on a country laden with debt, poverty, and income inequality. Be it an assault on Congress to draft laws contrary to the interests of the people, the assault on government coffers in the form of corporate socialism, or the assault on regulations to give large businesses a free hand to put profits before people, the truth is that we have reached a stage of lawless capitalism that is not sustainable.

Big business has been chipping away at government controls since the Reagan years. Now we are starting to pay the price in the form of angry Americans and a fast disappearing middle class unable to defend its status. The food fight in Texas is but a microcosm of our bleak horizon.

Economists are aware of our critical situation. They know this rabbit hole we are diving into by allowing our capitalism to become lawless will have dire consequences for our future. This may, partially explain the policies of President Joe Biden, who used the COVID pandemic as an opportunity to spread some wealth among the middle class. To include student loan forgiveness.

As long as we vote for Republicans who keep supporting lawless capitalism, we are in for dark times ahead. The storm is gathering, yet, we seem oblivious to its impact. Why? Because there is very little political will in Washington to really stop our decline. We are in for a rude awakening à la times of the Great Depression.

In the meantime, Congress lives in its own bubble scurrying to raise money from those harming our future in order to stay in power. .

What Does This Food Fight Say About Texas?

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