What is Wrong with the Department of Justice?

What is Wrong with the Department of Justice

Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice is not pursuing charges against the white police officer who shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back. The DOJ claimed that officer Rusten Sheskey, who is white, did not “willfully use excessive force”. Are you kidding me? It is now legal for a white police officer to shoot a black innocent man in the back seven times and face no justice. What is wrong with the Department of Justice setting precedent for racist police officers to shoot other black men in the back and feel the DOJ will exonerate them too.

To those in the DOJ’s civil rights division, I ask this question: How many bullets officer Sheskey would had to fire before you held him accountable? 10 bullets? The whole clip? Was it because he did not knife Blake too?

The public has the right to know who made that decision.

Hey, Biden, are you looking for white police officers’ votes? They will never support you no matter what. Please stop appeasing these white supremacist killers and start locking them up to heal our nation.


Last may, the Senate confirmed Kristen Clarke to head the civil rights division of the Department of Justice. At the time, only one Republican Senator voted to confirm her. Most Republicans refused to support her nomination because of her past writings and social media postings. Many, she told the Senate during her testimony, she regretted writing.

However unsavory this DOJ decision seems to be, one must ask another question here given Clarke’s history of supporting civil rights. Is Kristen Clarke really in charge, or is she just walking the corridors while closet white supremacists render their decisions? It makes no sense to call Sheskey’s violence as “unwillful use of excessive force”.

When you shoot someone seven times in the back in close range, you are willfully intending to kill someone.

How is that not excessive force when the intent is murder?

My take on this DOJ injustice is that either Clarke is not really in charge, or she is surrounded by so many with different concepts of what a white man violence on black people means that she fully lost her voice. Clarke may matter little among her peers all outflanking her.

I would imagine it won’t take long before another white police officer shoots another innocent black man in the back seven times.

Their lawyer would claim that the civil rights unit of the Department of Justice has already deemed it permissible to shoot someone in the back if they shot the victim seven times.

All in their back, of course.

What is Wrong with the Department of Justice?

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