When Americans Become Target Practice

In Akron, Ohio, eight police officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay after they emptied their guns on an innocent black man named Jayland Walker. These eight animals fired 90 bullets to stop a black man from fleeing. The coroner determined that Walker had 60 wounds on his body. What kind of people have we become when Americans become target practice to sick police officers against a backdrop of police departments who cannot hire the right people? What kind of a society do we live in when police officers empty their weapons against the innocent and then their superiors place them on administrative leave? No wonder it keeps happening. It is like a vacation for these animals: Kill a black man and enjoy a free vacation on taxpayers money.

Police claimed they killed Walker because he fired a gun, which turns out not to be true. How many times have we heard police lie to save their own skins? Are you not growing tired of police departments hiring Klu Klux Klansmen to protect and serve the very few while killing everyone else?

It is truly sickening to read about what keeps happening over and over in this country to the delight of many racists and White Supremacists. Yet, Congress remains adamant about not protecting the lives of innocent Americans by not holding the police departments accountable for their crimes.

Throw all eight of them in jail. They all forgot what happened to the killer of George Floyd.


The land of the free has become the land of the unleashed animals wearing police uniforms.

One has to watch out every time they encounter a police officer wearing an Oakley because behind these sunglasses lurks maybe a murderer the local government gave him the full authority to kill at will. Behind these dark sunglasses are stupid men communities should not trust with a water pistol let alone real guns.

The video demonstrates one fact: All eight police officers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and the authorities should throw their asses in jail. If local, regional, and state governments do not teach all police departments a lasting lesson with this killing, prepare for these sick animals they keep hiring to continue killing innocent black people, and for your taxpayers to keep dolling out hundreds of millions of dollars to their bereaved families.

Throw all eight of them in jail. They all forgot what happened to the killer of George Floyd.

In fact, there is really a simple formula communities must try and attain. If the prosecutors in ever locality don’t imprison a brute police officer every month, they will pay for this mistake by losing more lives to their violence and by emptying the treasury of their own communities. It has not sunk in to these animals that shooting innocent black men in the back is simply premeditated murder.

In America, innocent black men have become the target practice of police officers. How would you like to live in that medieval society?


Eight police officers emptied their guns on Jayland Walker. One had to reload and empty another magazine in his back as he was fleeing. This is no accident. This is what tribal murder by a culture that police departments and police unions across the country have been nurturing for decades looks like.

Remember Uvalde? The cowardly police officers put their own lives ahead of the children of their own community. In cold murdering Walker, they shot him in the back even though Walker did not threaten their lives. It’s all about what’s best for them, not us. Protect and serve, my ass.

Only when so many violent and incompetent police officers start landing in jail in large numbers will the rest understand that there are consequences for their actions. So far, it seems, they are too dumb to simply grasp just warnings.

When Americans become target practice for the animals they hire as police officers, it is time for a revolution.

Meanwhile police unions have not even moved the needle on keeping bad officers out of uniforms. Remember the promises these unions made to appease the public in the aftermath of George Floyd murder? It was all one big lie.

In America, innocent black men have become the target practice of police officers. How would you like to live in that medieval society? This is the new America, folks. It’s one that Donald Trump, domestic terrorists, insurrectionists and sick police officers dominate.

Tell me, where do I sign to live peacefully?

When Americans Become Target Practice

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