Who Is Roasting Rupert Murdoch Balls?

Who is roasting Rupert Murdoch balls
Who is roasting Rupert Murdoch balls

We all know about that Australian native who sets his sights on the shores of this beautiful nation only to divide it and break it apart through a combination of propaganda, lies, and deceptions. Yes, I am talking about that Aussie rocking his feet on the edge of his own centipede grave, and who, recently had two of his own print media publish articles condemning Donald Trump’s silence on January 6. He, what? Trump did not call the National Guard for 187 minutes? Oh, no, we can’t tolerate this kind of behavior at Fox News. We have to fix the record. Mind you, something Fox News knew about back in December 2021. Seriously, folks, who is roasting Rupert Murdoch balls to act today instead of back in December of 2021?

What happened between December 2021 and late July for Murdoch to decide that Trump is no longer his Fuhrer? Was it an awakening? Was it a lightening strike? Or, was it the amount of money Fox News is about to lose in court as it defends against multi-defamation lawsuits?

Who is roasting Rupert Murdoch balls but the checks he may have to write in the near future to Dominion Voting System, and which might finally put a nail in his own coffin. You don’t think judges around the country, be they Republicans or Democrats, don’t understand the weight they are carrying to save our democracy from any future threat? You don’t think how divided our country has become ever since Fox News? From the likes of an Australian immigrant who does not even know the words to “God Save America”?

If anyone thinks Rupert Murdoch cares about this country, other than milking it for money, they need a psychiatrist.


Mr. Murdoch“, says his lawyer “If you denounce Trump now, we might be able to save few hundred million dollars in penalties later on“. It’s all about the money, and it is roasting Murdoch’s balls like a camp fire roasts two chestnuts.

Here is a snippet from the award-winning CODA movie to describe what Murdoch must be feeling by now.

Exactly seven months after the public learned about Trump’s dereliction of duty, did Murdoch act. Mind you, he knew about it the night of January 6, if you ask us. We may find out soon through the discovery phase of the trial.

If anyone thinks Rupert Murdoch cares about this country, other than milking it for money, they need a psychiatrist. This time around, though, he overstepped his boundaries to garner more viewership and found himself in hot waters. We hope, after he dies, someone with more common sense buys this damn TV outlet, which has done nothing but divide us and kill us (i.e. COVID lies).

So go on Dominion Voting Systems, give us our country back. Roast that Nazi balls before he swings six feet under.


The Guardian of London published an article some three weeks ago predicting dire financial consequences for Murdoch laissez-faire. Recently, they fired their lawyers to hire a new team. That, my friends, sounds ominous. Al Capone with taxes, and Rupert Murdoch through legal jeopardy.

While Fox is more financially comfortable than OAN and NewsMax, it is not invulnerable. Fox News is due to renegotiate its contracts with cable providers at the end of this year, and Carusone said cable companies could use the lawsuit to drive down prices.The Guardian by Adam Gabbatt - July 4, 2022

If no one buys Fox after the 93 years old Rupert Murdoch dies, our hope is that it sinks in its propagandist shite. All the divisions and the culture wars this country is experiencing today have been magnified exponentially by Murdoch and his media. Before Fox News, which launched in 1996, this country used compromise and accommodation to always find political solutions to its problems. Now, all we have are extremist ideologies and angry Americans blind to what hit them.

Rupert Murdoch hits them. He is the secret sauce in today’s failed American experiment that was built on an empire for profit regardless of the societal damage and ruin it left behind.

So go on Dominion Voting Systems, give us our country back. Roast these balls before he drops six feet under.

Who Is Roasting Rupert Murdoch Balls

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