Why Would Trump Steal Nuclear Secrets?

Why Would Trump Steal Nuclear Secrets
Why Would Trump Steal Nuclear Secrets

The Washington Post published that one of the documents the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago was one containing nuclear secrets about a foreign country. In the flurry of the news centered around judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling appointing a “Special Master”, which has also brought forth much criticism from other conservatives like William Barr, no one has asked the quintessential question of why would Trump steal nuclear secrets related to another county? What are his motives? What use to him is a document he cannot display or share with anyone? Unless the Fuhrer has some sinister goal in mind.

Trump could sell or blackmail a number of countries or actors with such information. You don’t think Roger Stone would play the go-between?

Let us count the ways, shall we?


The Fuhrer is angry at all the Jewish American billionaires who are not backing his presidency or agenda. Can anyone blame them after watching him incite his Nazi supporters storm the Capitol wearing a “Camp Auschwitz” t-shirts?

Prior to the passing of the billionaire Sheldon Adelson, Trump could rely on him to fund his presidential campaigns in return for favorable US-Israeli policies. To the tune of $424m as the public records show.

But today, most Jewish American voters and businesses are stepping away from supporting the bigotry and hate of Donald Trump, which also spells over to every other minority in the country. They all know who Donald Trump is and what he stands for.

In order to whip some of these billionaires in line for his next campaign, Trump may have stolen the Israeli nuclear secret to dangle it both as a carrot and a stick domestically and internationally. Maybe, just maybe, Trump wants Israel to know he has their secrets.

Let us never forget that Trump could also sell such information to Mohammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia whose ambitions include building a nuclear arsenal to defend against Iran as a Sunni Muslim and against the Jews, in the future, as a Muslim. Don’t forget Iran as well. Nothing is beyond the pale of surrealism for Trump.

Such a secret would help Trump to either blackmail or sell, which ever brings the most monetary benefits.

Such a secret would help Trump to either blackmail or sell, which ever brings the most monetary benefits.


One theory would be that Trump stole the nuclear secret document detailing the Chinese nuclear defense system to threaten China with by selling it to China’s enemies. Maybe Taiwan would bite. Or to sell to his buddy Vladimir Putin in return for loan forgiveness in the amount of $400 million he owes the Russian mafia surrounding Putin. Trump’s relations with China, throughout his tenure in the White House, has been rocky at best and outright hostile at its worst moments.

For Trump, who always seeks revenge against his enemies, this would be a perfect scenario under which he may claim, if caught, that the document did not threaten U.S. national security because it is not about the U.S.

Alternatively, Trump never intended to threaten China but simply to give away their secrets to Putin. Again, in return for ‘something”. Be it the loan or some damning video tape we believe the Russians may have in their possession.

Either way, there is no reason to have this secret document except to use it to benefit Trump personally. We all know, after all, that there is nothing Trump won’t do for few extra dollars or an advantage to get him ahead. To say he is the game rigger-in-chief is an understatement.

That Donald Trump is up to no good, which explains why he stole the document in the first place.


Putin has been blackmailing Donald Trump for a long time. Since 2013 to be exact when the Fuhrer spent a night in Moscow we believe the FSB taped to blackmail Trump with one day. What’s on that tape? We believe it is damning enough to finish Trump off with the American public. We believe the tape would end Trump’s career in politics and social life in general.

So what does Trump do? The man,, whose apogee for revenge rests on always firing back when fired upon, steals the Russian nuclear secret document to blackmail Putin with just in case the Russian mafioso decides to make the video tape public.

If it is about Russia, then it becomes a game of who has a better blackmail. Just wrap your brain around the awfulness of both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Either way, Trump would not steel the nuclear secret documents unless he had a perverse plan to use them to his advantage. Anyone who knows how morally bankrupt the Fuhrer has been all his life would not hesitate to come to the same atrocious conclusion. That Donald Trump is up to no good, which explains why he stole the documents in the first place.

It also explains why he rushed to say it’s for his library. Just so we don’t ask why he stole the documents in the first place.

Why Would Trump Steal Nuclear Secrets?

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