Will Asian Countries Pressure US Companies that Fund Josh Hawley?

Will Asian Countries Pressure US Companies that Fund Josh Hawley

In a move that makes no sense except to Josh Hawley, the Senator from Missouri was the sole “nay” voter standing against the passage of the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, which addresses hate crimes against Asian-Americans. The bill passed the Senate 94 to 1. As a result of Josh Hawley’s racism, will Asian countries pressure US companies that fund the campaign of Josh Hawley? Will countries like China, Japan, and South Korea flex their muscles half a distance around the world? Just a show of force against racist US politicians

It is probable and even possible. However, our State Department may construe this as interference in our local elections, which it would protest strongly.

While Josh Hawley thinks of himself as an island, in terms of global economies, the United States is an island. Our economy is directly tied to the economies of other nations and when our politicians start acting with bigotry, they are giving other nations every reason to retaliate. In a settled but meaningful way.

These Asian powerhouses may not pressure directly, but they may ignore, for example, bids submitted by US companies that funded the election campaigns of Hawley. Or, they may buy “less” products and services from these corporations in favor of their competitors.

Don’t tell that to Hawley because it would simply not register. To call this man smart is invective to the real smart people in America.


Below is a list of US companies that contributed, through PAC’s, to Josh Hawley’s campaigns. Many of them have a considerable international presence. In addition, there are over 100 companies whose employees or owners gave individual money, which might also suffer the consequences of a pressure campaign.

Will Toyota or the Asian-American Hotel Owners Association be the first to drop Josh Hawley from their contribution list?


Will Asian countries retaliate, in one form or another, against any U.S. companies that fund Josh Hawley’s campaign for re-election? We don’t have the answer to this question. But it would not surprise us at all.

Josh Hawley is a toxic figure who needs to find another job in another industry than politics.

Will Asian Countries Pressure US Companies that Fund Josh Hawley?

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