Will Trump Attack the New Census Data as Fake?

Will Trump Attack the New Census Data as Fake

How will the sick loser Trump deal with the new 2020 census data the Census Bureau published yesterday? One that clearly demonstrates the number of white people in this country has dropped by 8.6% in the last decade? How would Trump’s whiteness face up to the fact that his supremacist racism is losing grounds to the very people he built his presidency on hating? There is only one answer for all of these questions. Donald Trump will double down on his lies. In fact, the question to ask is this. Will Trump attack the new census data as fake? He must in order to extend the shelf life of his big lie by creating a new fresh one.

Trump’s big lie and the census data seem to clash. Indirectly, the information debunks Trump’s big lie when it denotes, unscientifically, the country had less white voters for Trump. But, of course, we all know less means more in Trump’s sick world.

The last Trump wants is such deflating news to sow apathy among his supporters. His first instinct would be to create another lie by attacking the census data and calling it fake.

The new census data vilifies Trump but also should lift the popularity of Liz Cheney.


One would think that with such new information, the GOP might re-tool and re-calibrate in favor of inclusion and against rigging the system. So far, considering what is happening in states like Florida and Texas, the GOP seems to also double down on its exclusionary policies by cheating the system with anti-democratic voting suppression laws.

We all are witness today to the anger of the alt-right and all the billionaires, all of whom are almost exclusively white people, in their attempts to remain in control of the country on two fronts. Voter suppression and killing For The People Act. The latter of which Charles Koch is an active participant.

In doing so, the United States of America will mirror the South African Apartheid system of government where the white minority controlled the majority. However, because the U.S. has a sacred Constitution and strong democratic institutions, the white conservatives planning a takeover of the country will fail. Just witness what happened to Trump.

The only alternative is for a new GOP leadership, not the sickly and racist McConnells of this world, to rise to shift to their political inclusive gear to begin to appeal to the whole country, and not just their white constituents. The new census data forces the smart among them to rethink their strategies. How wise was Liz Cheney in confronting the narrow-mindedness of Trump’s big lie? Very wise, I would say.

The new census data vilifies Trump but also should lift the popularity of Liz Cheney.

Will Trump Attack the New Census Data as Fake?

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