Witness First-Hand the Decency of Joe Biden

Witness First-Hand the Decency of Joe Biden

It is no secret that President Joe Biden has inherited a mess from Donald Trump. Out of control COVID virus, chaos in the distribution of the vaccine, a divided country, and the aftermath of a deadly Insurrection. Yet, when discussing the ex-President, Biden did not point to his incompetence. Instead, Biden elaborated on the very generous private letter Trump left behind. Folks, witness first-hand the decency of Joe Biden.

Mind you, it may be a normal letter, but Joe Biden chose to lift Trump in the eyes of his supporters hoping that this act may persuade many to start thinking of unity rather injuries. Good letter or outstanding one, Joe Biden, with his decency, is starting to glue back the fabric of this nation. Credit his Chief of Staff Ron Klain for seizing this moment to advance Biden’s agenda.

Politics is about opportunism. Those decent among us usually seize it to benefit their country, and this is what we experienced from Joe Biden the first day in office.


Consider the chaos Donald Trump leaves behind and witness first-hand the decency of Joe Biden.

  • White Supremacists who stormed the Capitol in an act of Insurrection against their own government. Not because they are objecting to a social ill, but because of the lies Donald Trump has fed them. Joe Biden must find ways to re-educate millions of Americans.
  • An out-of-control COVID pandemic, which requires much more than lip service to contain and eradicate. Trump, without saying it, promoted the herd immunity solution, which means everyone must get it to become immunized. Death toll? Tough luck, according to Trump. Solve COVID and Joe Biden solves the high unemployment dilemma.
  • A growing divide between the rich and the poor that is breaking the country at the seams. Corporate America and Congress seem oblivious to a Bastille-like moment in our history, which, if carried by the poor, would have a different impact than the storming by the White Supremacists. The cause makes a difference. Handing the poor money during COVID is a band-aid.
  • Student debt out of control and pushing the Millennials in this country to vote for those who seek total clemency. Trump ignored their calls in service to greedy banks and money lenders. If Trump could give the billionaires $1.5 trillion in tax breaks, surely Biden can give our youth, who desperately need it, the same break. Student loans stand at over $1.7 trillions. Our sons and daughters are delaying the sacrament of marriage because of the burdensome student debt; so much so that Some grandparents are dying before ever meeting their grandchildren.


With all the problems Biden is inheriting, he still found the decency to speak about the nice letter Donald Trump left for him. Never take for granted again how normal Presidents act. After Trump, it seems so big when it is really not. It’s just normal.

After four years of hearing a U.S. President bully, belittle, and demonize anyone for anything, Washington feels normal again. It feels as though Americans had a four-year nightmare but the morning sun melted away all the cobwebs of lies and deceit that we experienced.

Thank you Ireland. Thank you Delaware. The fresh air of your Joe Biden is blowing over the plains of America.

Witness First-Hand the Decency of Joe Biden

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